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  1. immortaldave

    The Official Pokemon Challenge Thread - Black/White Edition

    Yea bro, big gratz on completing the game with mono-steel. Lord knows how annoying ground/ fire, and fighting attacks can be.
  2. immortaldave

    New Mewtwo Event Announced!

    Mewtwo says *RAWR* to your demands o.o Anywho, thanks for posting this up for us bro. I love these type of threads because I, for one, NEVER know when an event is happening...until 6 months later when ppl are going zomfg how in blazes did you miss the *insert event pokemon here* -_- Take...
  3. immortaldave

    The Official Pokemon Challenge Thread - Black/White Edition

    o.o which game are you referring too? In Pokemon Black/White its located on Route 13 Twist Mountain during WINTER only. In Heart Gold/Soul Silver its located in JOHTO on the SS Anne. In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum its located on Iron Island.
  4. immortaldave

    Reshiram/Zekrom Event Now Active!

    Nice **** bro. Gonna get my download on right now.
  5. immortaldave

    BurgerTime World Tour Coming to WiiWare Feb 9

    First time I've ever heard of it. Only other burger game I know of was Sneak King for xbox xD I'll have to look up the old arcade one.
  6. immortaldave

    Special Rayquaza Event in Japan!

    This is true, e-speed arceus would be a problem. Wouldnt even need the swords dance boost to get the ohko after those def drops.
  7. immortaldave

    What are some of your favorite Pokemon?

    ^lmaoo touche xD
  8. immortaldave

    Valentines Day

    I have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7-10pm so I really wont be doing much of anything tomorrow. =/
  9. immortaldave

    New Mewtwo Event Announced!

    ^hes sexy and he knows it *lmfao ftw*
  10. immortaldave

    Countdown From A Million

  11. immortaldave

    What are some of your favorite Pokemon?

    Ive been playing some Wifi NU recently and have gotten really attached to Ampharos, Floatzel, and Execguttor (I forget how to spell that three headed plants name ._.). Especially floatzel, base 115 speed is no laughing matter. How does a Choice Banded Ice Punch to the face feel Latios?? xD
  12. immortaldave

    Watch movies in your Wii

    Maybe I should cancel my Netflix subscription and just go with this method....too bad my sister stole the wii and put it in her room -_-
  13. immortaldave

    Miyamoto Talks About Working on Pikmin 3 For Wii U

    ^Amen to that. This has actually made me excited for the first time about picking up a Wii U when it comes out.
  14. immortaldave

    Special Rayquaza Event in Japan!

    Could be useful if you built a dedicated Trick room team around it so that the speed drops actually work in its favor...might have to look into it when they release it on Pokemon Online. I've never played Ubers so I'd have to do testing first.
  15. immortaldave

    The Official Pokemon Challenge Thread - Black/White Edition

    I tried soft resetting but I've never ever EVERRR gotten a shiny from doing it =[
  16. immortaldave

    New Mewtwo Event Announced!

    bout to download mine right now...even though I never play with Uber pokes; will be a nice addition to my collection.
  17. immortaldave

    Who would win in a fight

    The Terminator or Bart Simpson?
  18. immortaldave

    What's your pokemon team?

    So I made a quick and dirty sort of Rain Stall team today on Pokemon Online and was wondering if I could have your guys opinions on the sets I'm using and also if there might be some better pokes I could swap out for another. Here is the team exportable: Politoed (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Drizzle...
  19. immortaldave

    How Old Are All The Wii Owners in Here

    i can feel the hatred emanating from your post bro lol. I am currently 22 years of age, will be 23 May 3rd xD
  20. immortaldave

    Any suggestions on how not to be shot in the back?

    Yes yes learning the maps is half the battle as you can be sure those lvl 10 prestigers know the maps better than you know your own mom o.O What I usually do when playing is CONSTANTLY check my back. Since I am a run n gunner so to speak, I am always looking for my next target. But like it...