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    New brawlers

    SPOILERS. BE AWARE. (dont know how to make that tab)
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    Favorite Maps and Map Dislikes

    LYLAT CRUISER. The backgrounds so amazing and is always moving. makes brawling another step chaotic. Also (dont know the name) Hyrule temple from melee?
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    Cannot connect to internet

    I had the same problem but then i manually turned off my firewall. try this "Occurs Immediately: If the error code occurs immediately after selecting "With Anyone" from the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, our servers may be experiencing a high amount of traffic. Please try to connect again later...
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    If you were able to choose one super power....

    Yha i think thats the best power. So that way when you wake up in the morning freeze time and go back to sleep so you wont be late for school or work. Then wake up and finish your homework while everthing is frozen in time. Wow the endless possibility.
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    What SSBB Character Do U Choose.

    interesting. never thought about it that way.
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    SSBB maps!!!!

    As people with BRAWL would know that you can create maps and store them on SD cards then you can put it on your computer then send it to other poeple. If anyone made a cool map please post it. Heres a site where you can upload for free.
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    Brawl serious lag issues

    I have 1 word for you . ...................................................FIREWALL.
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    Brawl Online (allow which ip)

    U must switch off the firewall from ur router not your computer windows firewall.
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    Nintendo Wii FreeLoader question

    Modding is just for Cheapasses.!!!! It doesnt help nintendo succeed.
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    What SSBB Character Do U Choose.

    wow. Sounds like a challenge. whats ur brawl code mines down here \/
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    What SSBB Character Do U Choose.

    Trust me your not going to pick characters because your a fan of the games there in. Youll choose characters that kick ***. or else ull get your *** kicked. lol. (censorship because i know there are kids under 14 here.
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    System setup pics???

    I dont care the n64 controllers kick ass.
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    What SSBB Character Do U Choose.

    I was just wondering what 3 characters do you pick the most when fighting? And why? Mine is 1. link : Because he has an okay speed and average strenght. 2.Metaknight: Pretty fast moves and attacks are fast. Looks cool and can fly. 3.Falco/fox : Fast and an amazing fighter.
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    Wi-Fi Down in Brawl?

    i played against a few people todai. oh yeah if yourouter has a firewall try wiching ports or manually change the ip settings thats wat nintendo recommends.
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    I can't add Remotes for Multiplayer

    try syncing the wii motes to the system. Open the place where u put the sd cards then press the red button then open the battery slot on the wiimote then press the red button. Read the instructions first.
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    SSBB Friend Codes

    MVGeneral 0645 - 5440 - 2256 IFZ Eastern (-5) Toronto Msg me if u added me and ill add u back. I play everyday.
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    I like this game better than SMG

    Mario games are made for havin fun not to be challenging.
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    HAHAHAHA this is soo funny

    go to best buy and buy ethernet cables.
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    Madden 08 Wii. RENT or BUY?

    I hated it when i first got it (Because the controls needed some time to get used to) But after i got used to it it was amazing!!!. I love the controls know the best of the best. But im styll wonderin why the rams are the best team Then the patriots.
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    Top 10 Games to Look Forward to in 2008

    Thats a anti-Nintendo website