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    Countdown From A Million

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    Official Photo Album

    :worship: :worship: You are hot!!
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    Game Trivia!!

    Yeah, well, my Mario Kart Tournament thread did not go as well as i had hoped, so decided to make another thread, with another kind of game, game trivia! In this game, someone asks a question and whoever answers it asks the next question. These questions can be just simple, who am i? to...
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    Marioi Kart Tournament!!

    Yes, Pi14, your favorite game host, is hosting the Mario Kart Tournament! In this game you will create your own character, kart (or bike), track, special, and stats. Example player: Bo-bomb Kart: The kart is a stick of dynamite and the wheels are wheels with rockets on them. Track...
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    Hey, My screen name i tried to get was pit14, but my keyboard messed up-- i think.:lol: