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    Official Photo Album

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    Leave your PSN ID

    Looks like the PS3 section doesn't see much action, but meh.. PSN - CptTurtles
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    Official Photo Album

    This place needs some bumping!!
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    Nothiiiiiing! Haven't even seen the mister this year! Sundays such a crappy day for Valentines day. We went out for a meal Friday, so I guess that can count.
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    What is your honest opinion of Love?

    I feel it in ma fingers, I feeel it in maa tooes. Course love exists =)
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    Let's give this a little bump then shall we
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    New Rock Band 2010!

    *Facepalm* Too many spin offs.
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    Ahh the memories of this place

    Yoyo, welcome back
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    mystery google

    I had one with an e-mail address saying this persons the coolest person in the world, so I e-mailed them and we had a nice chat =)
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    If you know anything about successful egg drops

    Is this a yank thing? Because I'm reading it and I'm like WTF.
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    Funny place names

    There's a place near Bridgend called Mould. That's all I can think of really. Oh when I went to Germany few years back there were loads of places with like cock or wank in the names. I did take a few pictures of some, but I've lost all those photos now. I think there was a chain of banks...
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    NO!! My sanctuary has been VIOLATED!!!!!! I feel RAPED!!!!

    Welcome to the world of real gaming. ;)
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    Official Photo Album

    I.E the massive knob that should be on his shoulders =)
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    Official Photo Album

    Heheh, thaanks =) She's only 8 weeks old. Our friend told us we should take our dogs for a walk to our local park sometime, but she's got this big huge lab! My cat is like a giant compared to her ahah.
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    Official Photo Album

    Third times a charm =) One of the coolest days ever, Wales v New Zealand (also got to watch Swansea BEAT Cardiff =D!) Ahhhhh new puppy!
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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

    Gay emo boys neckin is hot, come on everybody loves a bit of that.
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    Official Photo Album

    As I just posted, All Blacks trained at my campus today ahead of the game on Saturday against Waaales =D Managed to get some sneaky pictures in! Graham Henry was wandering around too, don't think he's in any of the pictures though. These are kinda further away, from my lecture room...
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    Official Photo Album

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    C'mon y'all, let's see some pictures =D What you all up to? Where you headed? How you celebrating?
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    Official Photo Album

    Yes, I'm bored and I heart my 3D glasses =)