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  1. skidmarx

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Hey guys long time without a check in I'm fine and want to talk again :) what is new?
  2. skidmarx

    What are you listening to??

    SLAYER slightly greater than your mom :lol:
  3. skidmarx

    My Skyrim Review 8.7 out of 10

    WROTE THIS BEFORE getting ****ed over by the backwards flying dragon and repatching. this the WORST game for patches otherwise I stand by 8.7, the glitches left on 1.2 are tolerable to me.
  4. skidmarx

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    ^^^^ we need a new bullshit thread for that bullshit I actually like that bullshit for giggles but wrong bullshit thread. hmmm back in my same mode of listening to music constantly. Dad is feeling sick and it's a drag for the rest of us. I type with one finger and one thumb lol
  5. skidmarx

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    I might be old as in "what the **** is a 33 y o doing here" :lol: I wanna good pizza, and poutine (french fries and mozzarella cheeze and gravy) and a litre of pepsi and a bottomless bag of wee. not neccessarily in that order :sick:
  6. skidmarx

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    We got detached from britain out here and it means something non-consentual out here. Swear we talked about it before... FREAKED OUT OVER NOTHING!!! Finally unwinding here - strange that I pick on myself for not reading more or playing guitar enough. Life is for me (you) and I (you) should do...
  7. skidmarx

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    bugger on! ewww gross I know too much about what 'bugger' really means..... nice day out here we flip over 18 celcuis in the spring woohoo! *smirk*
  8. skidmarx

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    *high fives parrot* so I finally say what's on my mind everybody's afraid of me on facebook I had a trip to the hospital that totally changed my life I'm almost 34 and it feels young all over again. not cured but doing so much better. Officially do not give a F-bomb over the wii might buy...
  9. skidmarx

    Days Passed Away RP preview and sign up thread

    HOLY $#!T I just flashed over it remarking over how much you're writing has improved :thumbsup: and just saying that - I have to decline, my life changed that much that I can't fart around with this - cya :sleep:
  10. skidmarx

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Damn it I tried killing this thread so many times lol
  11. skidmarx

    Cool - Not Cool (the critic's list)

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1 Michael Jackson is cool all over again SHAMONA!!!!!! 2 Stuffed Prezels YUMMMM!!!!! 3 Reading Books is good for you kids! put down the iphone and read! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAA NOT COOL 1 Seth...
  12. skidmarx

    If you traded in all your Wii Accessories...

    WASTE OF TIME. No store wants more overstock of used wii's, Balance Boards and gun thingies bombed out years ago, and the best you can do is games less than 1 year old. Sure gamestop will try to make your double-taped gamecubes sound like good trade as a Wii-U promotion, but lots of $1 and $2...
  13. skidmarx

    Problem with WII during use

    it's a known problem with the game, not sure why it's happening online, please check your internet connection first. Nintendo used to have a policy of paying to ship your wii for new "disc-reading-lazer-stuff" just for buying the game meaning Black Ops is notorious for eating disc drives...
  14. skidmarx

    Need Help With Online Connections? Come Here.

    you need a wireless connection or else a lan adapter to put a wire through it. I have a datel one that worked before going wifi. refer to the owner's manuals.
  15. skidmarx

    Receive Sound Through Two Bluetooth Headphones Simultaneously

    ya know I can't decide if this is advertising or just passing advice along, but I think I'll report it anyway. ruling?
  16. skidmarx

    Wii Remote sensitivity issues...

    If your sensor bar is on top of the tv try moving the bar closer to the edge of the tv. Also check for sources of light interference. The wiimote cannot perform well from more than 15 ft from the tv.
  17. skidmarx

    LOZ:SS: Nintendo Acknowledges Game Ending Glitch

    Nice work! To clarify: goto wii channels to download the "the legend of zelda save update channel" for 0 points. If they can do this why not patch third party games like bully and add map packs to cod? Never thought I'd see this. Zanapher gets wiichat member of the day:worship: Happy baby...
  18. skidmarx

    chose the wrong wiimote after update

    I'm fairly certain the intruction manual explains how to set a wiimote as the main wiimote for the console. refer to the wii manuals and any manual that came with the wiimote.
  19. skidmarx

    Zelda Timeline Theories

    impossible no one would capture zelda 25 times thinking 'oh if I just hide his sword really good this time.'
  20. skidmarx

    Problem with connection between wii remote and nunchuck

    umm... right. Go out and buy a wiimote plus attachment. Wii Sports resort and some other games (tiger woods) will come with a bonus one.