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    Do You Believe Games Are Never Dead?

    Console games will never die as long as there is a good condition archive exist. I do believe Japan has a good collection of these. Online game would perish as soon as the servers are terminated.
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    Off-road driving

    Anyone here into off-road driving. I'm planning to get a new set of ATV tires but I'm having a hard time deciding which one should I get. Any recommendation? Thanks in advance.
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    what type of game do you like most

    Games that involves monsters like Monster Hunter and Pokemon are my field of expertise.
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    Monster hunter 3 ultimate thread

    Anyone still playing Monster Hunter?
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
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    Add more games on Playstation Clasasic

    I've seen Youtubers discuss that and they too are disappointed.
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    Do you like Naruto?

    Naruto is still one of my favorite.
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    What anime are you watching at the moment?

    Dr. Stone and Kimetsu no Yaiba.
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    What will happen to Nintendo?

    They're powerful and better than ever thanks to their Nintendo Switch console.
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    What games you play when you're bored?

    Pokemon would be my first choice then Animal Crossing since it's a legit time killer.
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    The Official(ly late) Monster Hunter Thread

    I already transferred my save file to my MHGU.
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    Official Mario Kart Friend Code Exchange

    Anyone still active here?
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    Super Smash Bros. 4

    I think they nerfed Bayonetta on Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
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    New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm Jarred and I'm a newly registered owner here. I still own a working Wii console and recently got my Nintendo Switch v2. Glad I found this community.