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    Camcorder Help

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new Camcorder. Im looking for: Supports SD High Focal Length Ratio Optical zoom 20x or higher (Digital doesn't matter) Manual exposure control Manual Focus $350 or less I'm not asking anyone to go looking for me I'm just asking if anyone has a camcorder that...
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    Who here has unlocked all of the characters?

    **** Wolf took me 3 tries, Toon link took me 2, the others were trash... cept *Jugglypuff... *That's right Jugglypuff
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    Zombies ate my neighbors???

    or should you say " There the ones with more money than cents" *Insert Dr. Evil pose here* And to keep this on topic, ZAMN would rule Hopefully Nintendo will come around.
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    Character with the Hardest Learning Curve

    Yes Sonic is the hardest, but Wolf is probably the easiest, I mastered him in like 10 minutes of unlocking him... He is awesome.
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    Problem changing my main

    I think he meant Wario's bite attack...
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    How Good is sheik/Zelda still?

    She's a god on Rumble Falls because of her up + B.
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    most overpowered/annoying moves?

    Annoying? My friend spams Pikachu's down + B So fscking annoying, He hits you into the air then sends you flying off the top using Thunder
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    Leaving the Disc in

    Brawl's been in there since the 9nth, I got no problems, and before that I had SMG in there for about 2 months.
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    Who mains Lucas here?

    I hate his up+B, I can never get it to hit him and I always end up dying.
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    The Brawl Help Thread- For Help and Questions

    This is probably already asked but, how do you beat the great maze? What are those shiny diamonds on the map, and does anyone have a picture of a full map because I think I've unlocked most of the places. Never mind I found a map but how do I beat it?
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    Favorite Maps and Map Dislikes

    Lylat Cruiser is one of the greater ones, just simple and totally awesome.
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    East cost

    Try the East coast thread forum please or whatever.
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    Who's your favorite new character?

    What's your problem with Ike? Ike rawks my sawks into a bawks full of hawks lying on the dawks watchin' the clawks go tick tawks... I believe you get mah point.
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    Smash Bros. Brawl Computer Players Difficulty

    I can face maybe 3 level nines in a free for all, but otherwise, I'd be owned. I haven't unlocked Sonic yet, and it's killing me trying to get him :(
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    Wii overheating since Brawl!?

    Hate to say it but, get the USB Fan. Or if it's still under warranty go get it fixed
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    100-Man Brawl

    Depends on who you are good with... personally I find Marth, Ike, or Meta-knight work best.
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    Nintendo better get on this lag...

    Yeah just wait a while until the hype goes down then I expect things will be better.
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    a chatroom for brawl goin on?

    Also known as Internet Relayed Chat or Multiplayer Notepad, using programs like mIRC or X-Chat you can talk to other people. Just log onto and /join #smashworld if you need help PM me.
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    a chatroom for brawl goin on?

    There is an IRC channel for this: #Smashworld
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    Finally got it to work

    That sounds really gross... XD I'll play you when I get my internet working on my Wii.