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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Try to do yoga to relax your mind and free you from your worries. Also, try to reduce coffee intake.
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    What is your favorite anime music?

    I remember a name Erica, in whose leading lady she is? Voltes V or Daimos?
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    Official Mario Kart Friend Code Exchange

    Thats cool!!! Excited to learn new techniques.
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    What is your favorite anime music?

    Who are the artists behind?
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    Covid Stressed

    How about engaging in Stress Reduction Activities like exercising or yoga. There are so many things to be grateful even when are in pandemic. Just look at the brighter side and don't let the negativities eat you.
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    Official Mario Kart Friend Code Exchange

    Why you don't want someone older than you? I'm definitely above 15 years old but, I can play well.
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    Samsung LE46A656 and Wii - Horizontal interference and/or "mode not supported" shown

    It could be your TV setting. Try also to check again your cable wires if its plugged properly.
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    Who's your favorite singer/band

    I'm into Boy bands like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, and Boyzone. They are the best and still the best!
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    What is your favorite anime music?

    Most anime portray friendship and loyalty among friends. The best scene for a music is when someone is dying and the friends are there giving motivational speeches. Full of emotions and sometimes would make me cry. I'll vote for Lonely Lake.
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    Do you judge a book by it's cover?

    I usually take time to read the reviews (if there is) written on the back of the book. I don't usually judge a book by its cover I must say.
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    Hello from the Ottawa Valley

    It will be kind of you to just share it so grandpa can see it once he log in again =) This reminded me of my grandpa who knows nothing about gaming.
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    my internet sucks :p

    Upgrading plan is quite expensive for an internet that have slow connection. I tried upgrading mine but, still encounter the same issue.
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    hi, i am new and i need to understand if...

    I'm still alive and actively replying. Others are here too but, maybe just busy playing ;)
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    Try RomsMania. I can't compare it with Emu Paradise since I've not tried using the latter. Though, just be careful as it isn't safe for windows users.
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    Deciding which one to buy XBOX or PS5

    Well, xbox series is better than ps5 since it has higher level of memory bandwidth and more compute units. The only advantage of ps5 is the presence of USB-C port.
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    Do you want to be a Werewolf or Vampire

    I would like to be a werewolf! I like the idea of transforming into a powerful werewolf!
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    Just stopped by to say HI!!!

    Glad to re-connect to you again as this forum is getting quiet as days pass by. I wonder where did they go :(
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Try the Tizer on your second shot.. Did you take pictures? lol
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    whats the last thing you ate

    Tried making bibingka, but its a failure. Just ordered pizza and spicy chicken.
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    Hey, your video made my day! Glad to found this!