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    Other Than Nintendo Who Makes The Best Wii Games?

    Either Capcom or Square-Enix. I can't believe Midway is still in business for the horrible games that they put out.
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    Far Cry Movie Trailer Lol

    Uwe Boll cannot make good movies at all.
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    EVERY Wii game should have the option

    I agree with having the option to use the classic controller, but not everyone gets really into the game and "jumps around" per say while playing. I sit down myself and don't really put a strain on anything.
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    Spore given a release date

    Even if it doesn't come out on the Wii, the DS version should be quite good.
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    MP3 Player You Own?

    The ones being sold around here are extremely unreliable and break easily. As well, they are quite expensive when you can get say a Creative for much less that has even more space and a better interface.
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    What are you listening to??

    Weather Report - Birdland
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    Wiichat Game of the Year award Nominations!

    -Game of the Year: Super Mario Galaxy -Best New Franchise: Zack and Wiki -Best Party Game: None -Best Action/Adventure Game: Super Mario Galaxy -Best FPS: Call of Duty 4 -Best Sports Game: None -Best Racing Game: Burnout Paradise -Best Online Multiplayer Game: Call of Duty 4 -Best Offline...
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    Why are u hating on

    Not really. It was poorly designed just in time for launch and happened to be worse than Red Steel.
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    Saving Games?

    It's the same as any other game that you can't save anywhere.
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    What are you listening to??

    Röyksopp - Eple
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    MP3 Player You Own?

    A gig is not enough space. That would only fill like 200 songs for myself as I take all my music in VBR, 192, 256 or 320. I have over 100 gigs of music and I actually listen to all of it, since it's good music. Downloading single songs to me is a waste of time.
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    MP3 Player You Own?

    Creative Zen I find Apple products to be unreliable
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    Songs you NEVER get tired of.

    The Velvet Underground - Heroin Mogwai - Auto Rock Kaki King - Playing with Pink Noise The Pipettes - Your Kisses are Wasted on Me The Beatles - Yesterday Cocteau Twins - Ivo
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    Your favorite game series is?

    Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Warcraft, Katamari and Final Fantasy are my favourite gaming series.
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    HELP!!!!!which game to get???

    I would suggest trading in Red Steel for some money to get Endless Ocean.
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    What are you listening to??

    Brightblack Morning Light - All We Have Broken Shrines
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    will i get it?

    ssbb4life, I'd say just to save up and buy it yourself, or get a job.
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    *The most powerful Character in the DBZ Universe*

    Buu would most likely destroy Broly if you are talking about Kid Buu.
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    First Console Ever

    Nintendo 64.
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    Some DS Games Are Dissapointing

    Every console has it's bad games. Some more than others currently, like the PS3.