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    Countdown From A Million

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    Obtaining Ouendan

    TY just got it like 2 seconds ago =]
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    Wii Key and Online

    it also voids any warranty once it breaks... it breaks
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    Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

    hey just got the game today (its AMAZING) the ds has a mic use it :wink:
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    Litter Bugs

    omg exactly! do people get that if you keep your neighborhood clean it will make you wanna make it stay clean for years to come? i just came back from gamestop before and I saw all this blockbuster food (=p) like a foot away from a trash can ...
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    The next Nintendo Console?

    i know the next console i just cant say :shifty:
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    Wizard in black robe?

    maybe toon links black constume set AKA dark toon link?
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    favorite swordsman

    lol link sig link avatar marth and pit? hahaha
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    marth or roy

    why marth??? ROY FTW
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    Wizard in black robe?

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    Who here has unlocked all of the characters?

    why are there names in parenthasis (i cant spell) i got everyone like the 2nd day
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    i beat zelda and i can help ANYONE

    "ill do it for free" ign guides are free,etc lol
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    Your Favorite Aspect of BRAWL!!!

    4... =]
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    Blue screen......OF DEATH!

    i never thought of calling geek squad =] you guys are gunna be the next guys I call for technical solutions cause im sick of wasting time saying "WHAT?" or "Did you say C for Cot or D for Dot???" etc. btw, to fix it, all you need to do is put the reinstallation of windows disk in (the one that...
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    Blue screen......OF DEATH!

    the B.S.O.D aint fun .......nuff said
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    Who has a wii and...

    i lost you at wow....:wtf:
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    Blue screen......OF DEATH!

    today I got the blue screen of death.....yea i know :mad5: :mad5: :mad5: i had it a few times but it was one of those "restart the computer and its fixed" kind of blue screen. i was on the phone with dell for about....hmm...3 hours? i was ready to flip out on the guy its so...
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    Most irritating character of all time

    nintendogs.....(thinking of the stupid ninten-dog popping up in the screen when im just about to kill someone in brawl....)
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    who here likes tetris?

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    Samus.. Anyone?

    i actually have zss as one of my mains but i hate samus so i cant use her final smash so thats a dissapointment i wish she was a seprate character =/