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    Official Mario Kart Friend Code Exchange

    Hey, I'm years older too. Beep me if you want to play. Willing to teach skills and techniques.
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    What is your favorite anime music?

    Hello, Sleepwalkers is my favorite artist. One of the best tracks they released is Goya no Machiawase, the rock genre.
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    Who's your favorite singer/band

    I admire Lady Gaga, the new version. Shallow is the best song she ever had, looking forward for more!
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    Samsung LE46A656 and Wii - Horizontal interference and/or "mode not supported" shown

    I personally encountered this but the issue is not with the cable wires. You just need to reset the device.
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    hi, i am new and i need to understand if...

    Nice to have you here @carolyn . Hope to bump with you with the other threads.
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    Play Wii/Wii U Games with a PS2 Controller with this new Adapter

    What are the advantages of the Pro Classic controller versus the regular Classic controller?
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    Indianapolis 500 Legends Tips?

    Been playing it too and it's damn difficult! The difficulty comes not in mastering racing skills, but basically in overcoming the opponents who seem to be uniformly faster than you.
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    You'll probably look like a knight upon wearing that mask lol Anyway, I'm not yet vaccinated. I'm still choosing between Astra or Pfizer.
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    my internet sucks :p

    Is the internet modem attached to your PC or you are just using a router? Usually, it's not advisable to use a router since it distributes the Internet connection to your other devices.
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    Deciding which one to buy XBOX or PS5

    Even though ps5 does not have USB-C port, it still functions well. Besides, in terms of user experience, the PS5 has a significant lead.
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    2020 is really weird
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    Any game to relieve stress?

    what kinds of game interests you? Just dance could be relaxing and Wii fit plus too
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    Do you want to be a Werewolf or Vampire

    Hmmmm...probably...a vampire, only if I live in Twilight Movie Series and Vampire Diaries :D:cool:
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    What is your MBTI?

    Taking the MBTI Personality Test is fun. I got to realize my personality and learn tips on how to interact with others. I am an ISTJ.
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    What is your favorite "kung fu" movie?

    IP Man movie series Karate Kid Jackie Chan's movies (:D) Rush Hour
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    How are you today?

    From what I read, the new strain that came from Africa is the most infectious compared to the in UK and Covid19. Are you getting the vaccine mate? Keep safe.
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    Hi, found wii sports in lockdown

    What Wii game are you talking mate?
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    Deciding which one to buy XBOX or PS5

    I'll go for PS5 too :)
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    Does anyone still enjoying the Nintendo Switch?

    So little active threads :(...Wake up everyone
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    MKW Clan?

    I wanted to join too!!!!