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  1. Sterculius

    New Console

    considering charging stations don't come with the wii and whatever you were given from your purchase through ebay was most likely a third party item, you would be better off just going to the store and buying a new charging station if you're that desperate for rechargeable remotes. They're not...
  2. Sterculius

    Street Fighter 3DS figure passwords.

    anyone know if there are going to be more of these later on down the road? On one hand it makes sense that they wouldn't have these specialized figurines for EVERY character, but on the other hand it seems very strange to me that they wouldn't.
  3. Sterculius

    Fave 3DS game so far?

    Right now it's a tie between street fighter and lego star wars. This is the first street fighter game in which I'm actually interested in playing it, like can't put it down. Up until now I've always just kind of brushed street fighter aside and clung tight to Mortal kombat, but this iteration...
  4. Sterculius

    3ds is out next year! (2011)

    i can't wait until this thing comes out. im looking forward to all the 3d games and then all the extra features and taking 3d pictures and watching 3d movies...there's so many awesome new features with this system I can hardly contain myself.
  5. Sterculius

    PSP Owners?

    I've got a PSP but there aren't enough games out there for me to play it all the time like there is with the DS. I mean, I am on my DS like every single day, but I only play the PSP once in a while, because thats how often a good game will come out for the PSP. Put it this way, a good game...
  6. Sterculius

    Monster Hunter Tri

    The monster hunter series is one of the best game series ever. I had it for PSP before I sold my old PSP in favor of the PSP Go. I'm definitely in the market for a console Monster Hunter experience, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm really hopeful that the next MH comes out on...
  7. Sterculius

    Is there gonna be a luigis mansion 2?

    That game was too critically bashed for them to give it a sequel. I just think it's stupid how they never can give Luigi the game he really deserves. Whenever Luigi gets a game it's always some stupid off-shoot adventure that has nothing in common with the core Mario experience. People who...
  8. Sterculius

    your most anticipated games for anything

    3DS...all games announced so far. Mortal Kombat for PS3
  9. Sterculius

    What are you looking forward to??

    Currently looking forward to the release of the 3DS and subsequently having my mind blown by one.
  10. Sterculius

    should they make a new pokemon game for wii?

    The only time we should ever care about a console pokemon game is when they decide to make a full-fledged pokemon game. But, that will never happen...because the entire intent of pokemon is for it to be a portable game that can be shared and played on the go. So having said that, since their...
  11. Sterculius

    Pokemon Black & White

    I don't see it as milking the series. They're just adding on to it. For me the main pokemon game is the battling be it against the CPU or live opponents, so they really don't NEED to do anything different from game to game other than give us new pokemon. Which, is kind of what they've been...
  12. Sterculius

    Xbox or ps3?

    i have a ps3. i DID have a 360 (at the same time as the ps3) but i chose to get rid of it, because they are VERY similar in capabilities...BUT ps3 has a much lower failure rate, and it's quieter and on top of all that it has bluray. the 360 is really a big gamble in terms of whether it will...
  13. Sterculius

    Monster Hunter 3 may have online costs

    i dont like playing online with people any way. RARELY does it live up to the hype on any game. i like to play with others in the same room. but this game is going to be AWESOME even offline. i LOVE LOVE LOVE monster hunter...CAN'T WAIT!!!
  14. Sterculius

    PLEASE update the startpage

    I agree 100% that the front page needs to be updated. If it can't be updated it needs to be deleted/altered. It's unfortunate that those with power to change it, don't care.
  15. Sterculius

    Google Chrome OS

    Even though it specifically states people who buy PCs with Vista between June and October will get it for free, get it at no charge, etc. etc. etc. Whatever...
  16. Sterculius

    You're a 90's kid if...

    Im an 80's kid, but still young enough during the 90's to enjoy everything during that decade too... You're a 90's kid if... it was ALL ABOUT THE POGS!!! Holy crap i was getting high off of that craze.
  17. Sterculius

    Google Chrome OS

    Hey that's what they're saying any way. Whether or not it comes to fruition has yet to be seen. I first read about it on but can't find the link. Here's one from
  18. Sterculius

    Google Chrome OS

    Yeah I'm going to get Window 7 as well, but I think the Chrome OS will be a nice toy to tinker with. Especially considering it's going to be open source. Besides, i believe Vista users are getting a free upgrade to Windows 7 so it makes the choice very easy.
  19. Sterculius

    Google Chrome OS

    Apparently Google isn't content with taking over your internet by creating a browser, now they're expanding and trying to take over you're entire computer. I guess I'm going to have to get a new partition set aside for this. Should be fun!
  20. Sterculius

    Whatcha bin buyin

    i'm about to blow my money on Ghostbusters the Videogame...FINALLY!!! its going to be the xbox version, and then i have to get the wii and ds versions.