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  1. Maximo

    The Last Story NA Release Confirmed!

    either doomsteady as you can change it in the options..i use manual
  2. Maximo

    Leave your PSN ID

    my PSN ID is maximo273...this will give you an idea of my collection
  3. Maximo

    The Last Story NA Release Confirmed!

    Yeah i know Pandora's is getting PAL release ,but i was refering to NA releases. If you go by PAL at least 4 of those games are either already released there ,or are going to be
  4. Maximo

    Man Plays Every Zelda Game In A Month

    This goes along with what i was essentially looking to do playing through each game in the hyrule historia timeline in order although i wasn't planning on doing a writing about it lol...ill have to read this more in depth when i have more time
  5. Maximo

    Just Finished Skyward Sword tonight (*Spoilers*)

    SSBFreak..yeah its been ages since i played through minish cap. it just makes no sense to me that the hyrule historia says skyward>minish>four swords> then ocarnia when minish & four swords don't really have much at all to do with the others in the timeline
  6. Maximo

    Just Finished Skyward Sword tonight (*Spoilers*)

    i think theres got to be another game that takes place between skyward & minish to explain the difference between the master sword ,and picori sword because other than name only the picori sword is basically the same sword. The way they describe the events in minish's prologue sound almost...
  7. Maximo

    Lets Play CoD

    Just a quick post in looking to for some people to play MW3 ,or even Black Ops with online. Hell i wouldn't even mind playing Zombies ,or Spec Ops with someone. The first time i played Spec Ops online the guy that was with me would never move ,and i had to keep saving his tail. I'll post my...
  8. Maximo

    Just Finished Skyward Sword tonight (*Spoilers*)

    So invest probably about 50 hrs into the game. The only things i DIDN'T do in the game were *Complete all of the Thunder Dragon's challenges for the Hylian Shield *Found the Bird Feather *Turned the demon guy in Skyloft into a human i had 62 gratitude stones I would have continued the...
  9. Maximo

    Been awhile

    Thanks SSBfreak.... love that pic you posted...The only reason i have a gold account for now is because i traded in so much crap to get my xbox ,and had enough store credit i was like ah what the hell why not. Maybe if i had a huge amount of friends to play on there with i would consider it...
  10. Maximo

    The Last Story NA Release Confirmed!

    Yes sir..why did i buy a console with motion controls ,and not given the option to use them. If theres any type of gameplay that begs for motion is anything that requires aiming.
  11. Maximo

    The Last Story NA Release Confirmed!

    Kudos to Nintendo for finally moving into the right direction ,but its one small step. Nintendo could make Wii go out with a bang if they release the rest of the unlocalized games such as Pandora's Tower, NPC Pikmin 2/Chibi Robo, Takt of Magic, Dynamic Slash,Fatal Frame 2/4, Another Code R, and...
  12. Maximo

    Been awhile

    So i haven't been on here in over a year. I almost completely forgot about this page until i was searching for something on google & stumbled upon one of my old threads on here. So since im back im hoping that the community evolved a little bit ,and maybe i can find some people to play online...
  13. Maximo

    Duke Nukem - Wii

    I know the idea with PSP ports ,or ports in general on wii. But, hell i wouldnt mind a Wii version of the Duke games they are putting on PSP. Maybe instead of releasing it as seperate episodes like they're going to on PSP they could release the whole thing on one Wii disc...
  14. Maximo

    2K: BioShock on the Wii isn't a no-No, but...

    yeah we'll get bioshock on the a freaking rail shooter with adventure elements..mark my words.
  15. Maximo

    The Grinder Gets a Release Date; Goes Multi-Platform

    Was Sega even confirmed to be the publisher? anyway..I wonder which is being used as the lead sku? is the Wii version still the lead sku ,and they are just porting up from there. I'm still getting the Wii version because i already have L4D on 360 so i want something thats unique for wii not...
  16. Maximo


    castlezelda a buddy of mine just hooked me up with the homebrew channel ,and im 4.2u firmware so i could help ya. I want to make something clear though that confused me at first. While yes using Homebrew Channel you can make means to get emulators to play roms of old systems. You can not...
  17. Maximo

    Nsmbw 2?

    I wouldnt be hoping for games on nintendo's next console as the next console i think is way off from now....i say 2011 ,or 2012 we'll more than likely see another mario bros wii game.
  18. Maximo

    Sega: Nintendo Should Support Mature Gamers

    its not all about the rating RaisingHelen. I mean Dynamic Slash isn't the first mature game Nintendo has published ,or adult oriented title. They had Disaster & Fatal Frame 4. Problem is Nintendo has been leaving these titles in Japan & not bringing them over to other regions. Also we could go...
  19. Maximo

    Skyscraper issue

    it says u live in Canada so how did you get ahold of this if its a PAL title?
  20. Maximo

    Skyscraper issue

    Sorry i'm not much help dude ,but hell i never knew this even existed until you posted this. Then i looked it up & found a youtube video on it. Looks like its a UK only game sadly ,but it doesn't look too bad. Not the greatest ,but i could see myself enjoying a game like this.