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    Brawl Delayed Until Q3 in Europe

    Hahahahahahaha it's a fücking game!!
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    Whats that yellow dot?

    Its a signal that the end of all mankind is upon us.
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    Will my brand new (12.2007) Wii play DVDs?

    The Wii drive wasn't made to play DVDs, it would only burn the laser up. It is capable of it tho. There are hacks that can do that. But as I said, the laser would quickly just burn up. T
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    Why are you making your parents buy you stuff? Get a job!!
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    What was Christmas Surprise?

    So yeah they lied... Hahaha...
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    Wii Voice Chat ~ "system has the capability"

    Q1 2009 at least!
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    any VC games that wish you had not downloaded ???list them here

    Castlevania: Well, since I later bought Super Castlevania IV, this game sucks. Lylat Wars: Boring. Booooooriiiiiing.
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    Multiplayer Shooters?

    MoHH2 is the only online one I can think of...
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    Virtual Console Appreciation

    Haha I get fake nostalgia... Everyone talks about how they loved playing those games and I bought them and I feel like Im there, 10 or 20 years ago... :)
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    Nintendo America: No Wii Hardrives

    There would be no point... but the option would be good to have tho...
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    Nintendo Franchises you want to make it to the Wii.

    Starfox... could use the remote sideways Castlevania (oh yes, the whip) Pikmin A completely online metroid game (hunters??) F-Zero Kid Icarus Comeback Punch Out Wii Donkey Kong Wii
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    Mario Kart for SNES?

    the 64 is better...
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    Best Tv Show Thread!

    Cheers, Scrubs and Heroes
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    One Piece!

    Daaaaamn Fillers!!
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    My favorite game....EVER!

    Buy Super Mario Sunshine. That's an awesome game, not that rpg crap. ---------------- Now playing: Oingo Boingo - Fool's Paradise via FoxyTunes
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    Mario Kart for Wii. Multiplayer help.

    Double Dash sucked.
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    My favorite game....EVER!

    It blows.
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    Clay Fighters

    It was on the SNES. Good game, good game.
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    Countdown Has Begun!

    My wii's name is Dalii. But I like to call it Betty.
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    Best VC games for each console?

    NES: Super Mario Bros 1 SNES: Super Castlevania 4 Sega Mega: Sonic 2 TurboGrafx/PC engine: I haven't played many games on this machine, but I'd recommend Bomberman '93. N64: Super Mario 64