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  1. Splash_King

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I ain't complainin' since I fuckin' hate holidays anyhow, no gifts for (almost) everyone 'n I'm happier than havin' to bloody trade gifts. Call me Grinchkarp.
  2. Splash_King

    WiiChat / Nintendo Switch Forum Upgrade

    i dont know a fucking thing about domain ownership ... and i dont have my banhammer . . . . . . . and i spent all of my pokedollars on pokepuffs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but if the wiichat ship were to ever set sail once more . i will splash a lot and be moral support...
  3. Splash_King

    New Switch homebrew allows PC games streaming to your Switch

    MHWorld on Switch confirmed. thats actually really fuckin cool though
  4. Splash_King

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    there is some part of me programmed to migrate the seas and return to my home whenever im having insomnia, what the **** many have tried, but none have returned dry I remember some'a that garbage, the writers gettin' ripped off good. Beginnin'a the end. 'Specially the clanners. 'N I...
  5. Splash_King

    Countdown From A Million

  6. Splash_King

    What are you listening to??

    'N a Merry Fishmas t' you to my amigo, hot damn. Thank you kindly. I ain't been able t' touch even the base game yet 'n the Iceborne trailer had me excited, harr harr. I've heard how easy MHWorld is since there's quite literally only a handful'a quests that won't scale monster HP for a...
  7. Splash_King

    That must be ya, all I can smell is fish. How's things been nerd? Harr harr. Happy Mew Year.

    That must be ya, all I can smell is fish. How's things been nerd? Harr harr. Happy Mew Year.
  8. Splash_King

    What are you listening to??

    Hot damn, thanks for the info amigo. I figured I'd have t' emulate that one on PC, never knew it had a Wii release. I'm writin' this **** down. No matter whether or not I enjoy MHWorld's departure from the classic Monster Hunter forumula we all love... I'm gonna lose my **** over Funlance's...
  9. Splash_King

    Team Xecuter video demonstrating Nintendo Switch "modchip"

    How's it workin'? So it's blatantly safer than software homebrewin' and the like. Fancy that.
  10. Splash_King

    Not a chance I reckon, harr harr. Reddit, social media, Smashboards 'n the like have us beat...

    Not a chance I reckon, harr harr. Reddit, social media, Smashboards 'n the like have us beat forever. Wiichat's long dead, a relic'a the old world'a internet. Bloody good run for us anyway, aye.
  11. Splash_King

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Somehow I always end up here when my sleep schedule's fucked harder than a fish in the desert. Fair enough... don't mind my bias over never readin' that book in the first place, harr. Nah. I'm one'a the plebeians who refuses t' leave Skype. Some pillock abandoned Wiichat and tried t' start...
  12. Splash_King

    Odd problem

    Somewhere in your System Settings, there'l be an option for the Wii Sensor Bars' positioning. I recommend tryin' the opposite option it's currently set to. Otherwise, you may want to try setting your sensor bar to be beneath your TV, with the appropriate sensor bar positioning setting.
  13. Splash_King

    Dark Souls Remastered gets Switch release date, along with network test.

    'Bout bloody time, this is one'a the few delays t' of ever earned a little ire outta me. I only hope it was done for internal reasons by Ninty, rather than necessity. Apparently the Switch remaster was developed by a different team than for the other two consoles 'n PC. If the team's...
  14. Splash_King

    What are you listening to??

    Harr! What a fuckin' coincidence, I'm listenin' t' MH4U - A Lonely Tune (Variation). I'm emulatin' all'a the old Monster Hunters (pre-3U), or at least their "G" releases, some time in the distant future. Probably after Generations Ultimate 'n World violate my free time for however many years...
  15. Splash_King

    The Official "Searching for Players" Thread

    searching for other weirdos who still post here
  16. Splash_King

    The Official Pokemon Event Thread

    Probably been a fuckin' year since I last been t' an event. This Pokefan's fallen from the 'Karp's graces.
  17. Splash_King

    Japan gets Resident Evil VII Cloud Version for the Nintendo Switch

    Blockbluster's got nothin' on that rental price... and they operated in an acceptable economy eons past, harr harr. I've no interest in this title specifically, but rental-streaming games sounds like a potential return'a the rental business model. 'Least, once digital truly overtakes physical...
  18. Splash_King

    Insomniacs assemble!!

    insomnia beckons me Harr harr, t' say the least. Thing's got Wii U-esque console sales. Hell no. I ain't thought'a that place in literal years, don't even remember the accursed name. If it's less dead than here, I'd be more shocked than with Ridley's announcement. Harr. Nah. who'd want to...
  19. Splash_King

    The Official Pokemon Challenge Thread

    Howdy, welcome t' our humble abode. Good luck on your Nuzlocke. Solid challenge, solid fun. I've played through Omega Ruby just once, 'n it wasn't even a challenge. I need to get 'round t' that one'a those days. Maybe I'll find a used copy'a Sapphire for cheap somewhere...