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    =PSA= For any MH bro's on WiiChat

    So I'm fairly certain some of you dudes are aware of Monster Hunter Frontier Z? It's a badass Monster Hunter game exclusive to Asia for PC/PS4. Anyway Capcom announced that they are shutting down the servers for this gem of a MH game in December. I'm here to tell ya' that you can play Monster...
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    How in the world do I change my info?

    I don't think you can change any of that. It's been like this for a while actually. It figures considering this era of WiiChat is dead like the Mugen EVE era.
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    Don't You Recognize Captain Kidder?

    lol Welcome and uhhh GOODBYE? :eek:
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    I just wanna say Prinny that meeting Mr. A little bit of the bubbly, King BOOKAH, and dunne....that's pretty awesome! As of the posting of this comment it is October 2, 2019....HOURS away from the debut of All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite :D I'm ready for this ****
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    The Official "Searching for Players" Thread

    ^ Did not know people still played let alone mentioned that ****. Any love for Pokemon Let's Go? =_= Still gotta finish that **** before PKMN swrd/shld
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    Looking for active MKWii Wiimmfi friends!

    Still wish I had my Wii/Wii-U for MKW online. Funny thing is I prefer MKW online than STRESS KART 8 DELUXE online lol
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    SX OS 2.9 can hack Nintendo Switch 9.0.0

    Yeah sxos 2.9B (Beta) is broken. Reports of bricks, GC burnt fuse, xci loading issues, crashes ETC. Don't use sxos 2.9 instead use the hotfix revision sxos 2.9.1B or just stay at sxos 2.8.1B if you are scared and stuff. Personally I'm on Sysnand 9.0.1 and Emunand 9.01 with sxos 2.9.1...
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    What are you listening to??

    Huge megaman x fan here :DDDDDDDDD So couldn't help but post one more XD
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    What are you listening to??

    It's Friday and it was a long night last night x.X but **** it let's get into that zen moment. Happy Friday (or whenever you see this USERS n_n) And this Lastly this
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    Its Friday, im NOT DRUNK.................

    This thread always reminded me of that one infamous Reddit user who posted that DRM something something or rather bs lol
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    Rate the last movie you saw

    Aquaman the live action one. That movie was surprisingly great.
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    uhmmm...what the hell is this? lmao

    uhmmm...what the hell is this? lmao
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    Dude! You should of said hi to me or something! Awwh man! How ya been? Hopefully you log back in...

    Dude! You should of said hi to me or something! Awwh man! How ya been? Hopefully you log back in to see this. I don''t blame you though cause of IRL and well this place is dead.
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    WiiChat / Nintendo Switch Forum Upgrade

    This shall now be one of Wiichat's unofficial dying/closing themes.
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    This is the best "Hello and welcome to..." I can give you dude :(
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    What anime are you watching at the moment?

    Rewatching all of Code Geass to refresh myself for Code Geass R3 Lelouch of the Resurrection movie. Hype train folks ;D And also....VERY surprisingly the DBS-Broly movie was pretty good too.
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    24 Mario Kart Racers!

    Heeeyy it's the best sonic player in the world chick lol (Don't take that the wrong way) but any who Elaborate and link me please.
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    You used to be a guru before and a guru is a knowledgeable one. You shall be a crystal ball for me when you eventually get this and you need to tell me when the **** I'm gonna get some sweet sweeeet sweeeet RDR2 campaign DLC. PS: Have you modded your switch? Cuphead, Mortal Kombat 11, and a few...
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Though late...THANKS bud :D How's your year been going so far? And btw since your a mod can you perhaps change my username to "GodKingMuk"? In hype of pokemon sword/shield XD Thanks Fox n_n I recently did something similar. I ended up importing that xrocker playstation edition chair from the...
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    2019! Damn...hard to believe I joined this ***** up back in 2010 O_O;;;

    2019! Damn...hard to believe I joined this ***** up back in 2010 O_O;;;