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  1. BlakeNES

    New MW3 Clan: The BEBOP Crew

    Hello, I'm starting a new clan known as 'BEBOP'. How to join? 1. You must have gone through prestige (lvl 80) and contain this symbol: 2. You'll have to be familiar with the Anime series, 'Cowboy Bebop'. You can look up full episodes online or watch the movie it's based on. 3.Make sure you...
  2. BlakeNES

    Rate the last movie you saw

    JFK= 7.9/10 Well-calibrated Performances (even it's All-Star cast), Oliver Stone as director, Close to be of what happened, and Gary Oldman as Lee Harvey Oswald. What's not to love?
  3. BlakeNES

    Do You Believe Games Are Never Dead?

    Another real thing=HOMEBREW
  4. BlakeNES

    Unfriended 2 is Happening?

    It turns out, a sequel is in the works for this decent horror film. Here's what i found on Cinemablend: "Unfriended is exactly the kind of film studios love. It’s a movie that was produced for practically nothing and made millions at the box office. After debuting in U.S. theaters on April 17...
  5. BlakeNES

    Underrated Anime Characters

    What's your favorite Underrated Anime Character? Mine would be Edward From "Cowboy Bebop"
  6. BlakeNES

    TV/Video game/Movie series that NEED to stop

    TV: Stupid Comedy/Thriller/Action shows Movie: THE MICHAEL BAY FILMS!!!!!!!! Game: ???
  7. BlakeNES

    Any grim, dark, gruesome, disturbing, bizarre, and controversial movies ever seen?

    Here's the list of movies that have those aspects in the title: -Salo (or the 120 days of sodom) -Cannibal Holocaust -Gummo -A Clockwork Orange -Tetsuo: The Metal Man -Altered States -Grave of the Fireflies (ANIME) -Heavy Metal (ADULT ANIMATED) -Akira (ANIME) -Watership Down (ANIMATED) That's...