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  1. George


    No, for real life. :yesnod:
  2. George

    Your sick in the head if you say yes

  3. George

    Okami DS Revealed

    The graphical style appears the same. Amaterisu just looks younger.
  4. George

    A good pokemon game for the wii

    They desperately need to make a full 3D 'proper' RPG pokemon game.
  5. George

    Countdown From A Million

  6. George

    Possible more Zelda info?

    Near future would be fine. Far future, not sure about that. :/
  7. George

    mht Q&A thread

    I don't like wiispeak that much anyway. Just use Skype or Teamspeak with a computer.
  8. George

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Must have! Taking so long to come out! :p
  9. George

    Top 5 Wii FPS

    Yeah same ideas. It's just they ruined the gameplay.
  10. George

    E3 2010 massive games list revealed

    OMG, a **** troll!
  11. George

    Got to try the DSi XL

    Kind of dumb to announce that now huh? How many people are now going to opt out of buying the 3DS regular because they think it's just a waste of time/money because there's already an upgraded version in the pipeline?
  12. George

    XBOX LIVE:is it becoming free?

    I bloody hope so. Microsoft love ripping people off. :p
  13. George

    E3 2010 massive games list revealed

    Dead Space 2 :yesnod:
  14. George

    Top 5 Wii FPS

    Unless it's made by Treyarch.
  15. George

    Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii in Doubt

    1. Wii has better graphics 2. That does not determine if it's better or not anyway.
  16. George

    Countdown From A Million

  17. George

    How to Stop Killing The Pokemon Franchise

    I agree with the OP. Pokemon is repetitive and boring now, after the same formula has been recycled countless times. I can also see the argument from Nintendo's point of view. They must be thinking "why fix something that isn't broke?" In other words, the Pokemon formula remains, because that...