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    My RedSteal Review

    Well damn all you want to do is make fun? I don't understand assholes on the internet these days.
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    My RedSteal Review

    Ok, I've seen many reviews on the internet and I saw that they said Red Steel sucked. Well I decided to find out for myself. So that day I purchased Red Steel and played it. When I first play it I could not stand it. The controls were so confusing. So I put it down for about 2 days. Then I...
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    wii headset? i need 2 no!!

    They might not because of Online Preditors. You know how Nintendo is all kid friendly.
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    PS3 sucks, now tell me why not to think so.

    IM TIRED OF IT! Why..why do people have to choose sides with companys. Playstation 1, 2 and 3 are all great systems Xbox, Xbox360 are great and all the Nintendo systems are awsome too. Stop fighting its ****ing childish.
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    Sell my Xbox for wii?

    I wouldent. Just save some extra cash Wii isent that exspensive.
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    Which Ipod?

    Well I have a DAH-1500i 1GB MobiBLU Cube. It is a 1 x 1 box and it even has a screen FM radio and a recording system. It was only 80USD and it has lasted me 2 years so far. They have now come out with one with a color screen that plays videos and holds pics or a .5 inch screen. Its so awsome and...
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    Syncron Eyes

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    Syncron Eyes

    Hey all my fellow Wii'ers lol. Haven't been on the forums in a bit but I need some help from you guys. Well in the morning when I go to school I have a computer class first period. I do all my work in the beggining and then I ask the teacher to unblock the internet so I can check email stuff...
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    PS3? I think its a Joke!!!

    I like all the consoles out. I don't know why anybody would not like other consoles. The PS3 has stunning graphics and good replay value and the Wii has excellent game play and awsome interaction, The Xbox360 has an awsome line of games and awsome online play. Who cares about the little thing...
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    The Birthday thread

    My 15th Bday was JANUARY 17 just forgot to post happy late bday to me:D
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    I need computer help!

    Ok Ill try that later on to day :D And the reason I got the 5500 is because I can overclock it and such but the 6100 is intergrated and has no fan or anything. The 5500 has more things I can do to it :D
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    I need computer help!

    You dont need to be a computer genios to help me just have computer smarts! Hi first post. Well I bought my Geforce 5500 FX OC PCI 256MB yesterday at wallmart, it was origannly $129 but on sale for $40 well I bought it took it home and followed all the insturctions. After countless tries of...
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    signal strength

    Put the Wii right next to the router and if it dose not work then get a new one.
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    Wii Username?

    Thanks I also added you.
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    Wii Username?

    You sure thats how you do it?
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    Wii Username?

    Were can I find my Wii Username. I know how to get to my friend code just not able to find the Username :(.
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    Wii almost fried!! Do NOT use standby!

    Ok, my Wii gets dangeroulsy hot on standby mode also. I heard in a diffrent forums that the Wii is using the same amount of power and doing about the same thing but in standby the fans are not functionall thus the Wii gets hot. However I put my Wii on one of those cooling stations and when it's...
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    Windows Vista

    Anybody heard about it. Yeah it's suppose to be like the best OS of 2007. The only reason I want to get it is because Halo 2 is coming out for PC and exsclusivly on Windows Vista. I heard price range was 100 to 250 Dallors. Release date for everyone is January 30th I belive not sure though.
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    Internet Realese Date?

    Oh yeah and I hope it dosent look all messed up like the Trial Version dose....