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    Thank You

    Hi all. Most of you around here do not know me, perhaps some of the ancient members may remember a post I made, and that is because I haven't been around for a long time - and I mean a LONG time. A friend the other day reminded me of a time when I used to show him all the stuff about Wii...
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    How famous is the user above you?

    Speaking of which, I need more rep... 9/10
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    How famous is the user above you?

    Zomgz How Long Is This Thread I Cant Beleive I Started This Weeeeeeeeee!
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    thanks eBay Auction has ended :(
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    How famous is the user above you?

    Well...Fair enough.... BTW i am really proud of how long this thread is now! Thanks guys for all of the response!
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    Art thread

    wow, all of this response is incredible...
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    How famous is the user above you?

    (title) Me First! =P
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    Who thinks I should change my dp?

    Who thinks my dp is getting very old...? If so just tell me and I'll change it
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    The Magical Soda Machine Game

    comes out signed... -Inserts...uhh...twig...
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    Graphics Sub-section Petition!

    I'm in....Sameiru
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    I secretly want to be an emo =P
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    Sameiru's Challenge 1: Water Melons!

    Yes it is a new thingy that was practically taken from facepunch and just put onto this forum! So anyway if your not familiar with the concept what happens is I set a theme (eg: this months is watermelons) and you have (no, im not forcing you) to make a screenie/art piece/photoshop thingy that...
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    Art thread

    well this is all very nice...
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    Sameiru's Challenge 1: Water Melons!

    This is just a little project picked up from facepunch where I (yes me!) pick a theme and then you have to make a piece of photoshop, cg etc picture to do with the theme.. and this months theme is Water Melons! (Yes you can use GMod jeez)
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    Art thread

    Post art in this thread. You're welcome for me removing that embarassing OP, I was about 10 years old I think.
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    Prince of all cosmos, now a ninja?

    sorry about that double post guys, maybe i just pressed the button twice?
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    What's the point of reputation?

    I never get rep, I'm so lame to all of you, aren't I... We should do what FacePunchStudios does like with the artistic rep and gold stars and zing... but I suppose there is all of that copyright and ****..
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    Prince of all cosmos, now a ninja?

    I just noticed this on one of the new screen shots from the upcoming Beautiful Katamari for Wii. And what is that funky mouth piece? Picture courtesy of Kotaku-divine god in all ways
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    Cya all!

    i'm in Otaki at my sister's friend's NZ exchange counterpart's house. before I was in Rotorua where i did Zorbing (rolling down a hill in a big plastic ball filled with water), Swoop (dropped from a hige height in a sack on a bungy cord and swung around, luging (no, not THAT luging, just going...
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    Guesses on how Prinny lives!