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  1. elementkg

    Modern warfare 3 wii

    ithink in all fairness i don't care how the game will be on the wii hell i didn't care when everyone was buying modern warfare2 and i was buying modern warfare reflex or last year buying black ops everyone has it pre-order and received it i walked up said black-ops for wii pre-ordered and the...
  2. elementkg

    Black Ops or Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

    well i don't know i think it was pretty clear and sorry that my word choice doesn't suite to your liking obviously my reply wasn't to you so please don't judge and for lack a punctuation sorry i didn't ended it with a period i'll remind my self to do that everytime i write a post and start with...
  3. elementkg

    Black Ops or Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

    i personally don't love cod that much nor battlefield ithink there both great game but just like everygame made it gets boring after 2 weeks of playing it i still prefer playing mariokart 64 better than the "new" games
  4. elementkg

    I'm new on Call Of Duty Ops - Need HELP!!!

    ithink the wii is pretty hardcore lol. but no one reason why cod for the wii don't have splitscreen capabilities is because for waw and mwr you had to use the wiimote so you need the entire screen to have better aim and precision of the game. however black ops have ccp capabilities the reason...
  5. elementkg

    what is noob and what is not noob

    i'm saying like why can't people just be satisfy the way the game is set, it set that way for a reason and what you said about mw2 the acr with grenade launcher(not "noobtube") with akimbo raffica and/or AA-12 or replace that with one man army pro then danger close with commando pro that's a...
  6. elementkg

    Advice on Black Ops controller settings and improving my game?

    since i come from the xbox and ps3 i'm very well stuck with the analog fever so i use the classic control pro but in the console like the wii i would say the wii mote is alot better because you have a faster reflex than ppl using analog with just a flick of your wrist you can catch anyone while...
  7. elementkg

    what is noob and what is not noob

    seriously you did not.. like why the hell are you guys complaining about what ppl use in the damn game like seriously its in the game you can ***** all you want but it will still be in there like seriously just play the game if the want to use famas or acog or even rapid fire let them freaking...
  8. elementkg

    Black Ops: Map Packs?

    dude like seriously your like one of the 50000 ppl on wii to ask that question i guaranteed if you take your sweet time to go to the official site of call of duty black ops in then go to the forum then go to black ops then go to wii black ops and then look for a post...
  9. elementkg

    Hack to 15th prestige

    so what is your point that they ain't old enough or that they hack to 15th prestige?
  10. elementkg

    so so lame :(

    hey guys not to worry maybe the will put gamecube games in the wii shop just don't get disappointed yet we still have another year before alot of things are confirmed they have time to change somethings on the system for the final development before shipping it out. so they might make something...
  11. elementkg

    Wii U will have AMD Radeon HD, IBM power-based microprocessor on board

    i think nintendo should not release the wii u just yet because see how all the other consoles are taking there time in making their product what this release is going to do is once again putting nintendo in last place or maybe pump up to second this time because yes all those things their...
  12. elementkg

    NINTENDO's WII U will not play dvds

    why so surprise that they wont have dvd and blu-ray playback capabilities ithink that's why the consoles added in netflix for that reason? plus who buys dvd anymore anyways dvds are more of a let down like music cds and/or softwares since we will always find a way to download free software music...
  13. elementkg

    u should get on man

    u should get on man
  14. elementkg

    Very important leaks about modern warfare 3.

    everyone you guys need to stop talking about modern warfare 3 reality if that the wii isn't getting it stop making post of what your expectations are, just be patient and wait till the company say something like stop going to websites that tell you things because majority of them are wrong like...
  15. elementkg

    Call of Duty Modern WarFare 3

    eww why ps3 be funny when game comes out and the ps3 servers are down im just saying for ppl who are saying things about what's coming and stuff make sure you have valid proof don't make a guess just find your source before you get everyone's hope up and at the end having it be a disappointment...
  16. elementkg

    Pokemon Black&White Discussion

    plz anyone give my young men a cookie or sumthing my goodness he has beaten the most easiest game in the world congrats..... not -__-
  17. elementkg

    i only play black ops so yea

    i only play black ops so yea
  18. elementkg

    Call of duty Black Ops

    well good news is that call of duty black ops for the wii will have a online chat build in this new feature is called voip. this isn't a lie i have a video of a interview with the executive producer of BO which is a true valid proof that everyone in this forum fail to do here you go...or and...
  19. elementkg

    yea but some ppl can't connect to me so that's why i stopped

    yea but some ppl can't connect to me so that's why i stopped