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    Na 9-22-11

    Wow, haven't been here in so long, they call it the Nintendo Eshop now? Huh...... Long time CastleZelda.
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    Na 9-20-10

    I see Nintendo is still gracing us with nothing but choice VC selections.......going back to sleep
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    Na 3/15/10

    I waited 4 years for Rhondo. Already played it to death on pc. They are leaking out some good games but it's a little too late. Would have paid 20$ for it when I first got the wii. Good thinking Nintendo. This game gets a gold star. :mushroomlife::mushroomlife::mushroomlife::mushroomlife:
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    LOL, Princess that game was a little whacky. It was one of those weekend rentals when I was 10-ish, when you would get a crappy game, and make yourself like it. It was pretty hard. I got stuck in some maze at the very end. The whole damned game is a maze, and your rpg intuition...
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    Wii Update Nov 30th

    eh, figured "if you can't say anything nice......." My Wii is getting some use out of NSMBWii. Need more remotes. Grand otherwise. And you?
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    Wii Update Nov 30th

    This isnt "the internet" where you can just pick any game that's "been around for 30 years", even though its only "100KB" and have a company "give it to you for money". Whats wrong with you? They release only a few types of games: -Games we can easily get for cheap on a compilation. -Bad...
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    Na 9-14-09

    SOOOOO glad they made Mart Racer wifii-multiplayer, and not Contra Rebirth, most of the FPSs, and most of the sports games. :burgerking:
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    Na 9-7-09

    Downloading Contra Rebirth ASA possible, but not making this simple 5 stage game online? Uh, thanks. What is this, 1998? Anyone can join me anytime on Kaillera to play any Contra game, anytime......PM me.
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    Na 07-27-09

    it was supposed to make everyone laugh. 4 people will read this
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    Na 07-27-09

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    Na 07-27-09

    Mine were Incredible Maze and Gradius III, probably a year ago? Remember the salad days when the games were decent and plentiful, and the forum was fun, semi-peacful, and addictive?
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    Na 07-27-09

    I love this "stay positive at all costs attitude"...keep it up! When life hands you a lemon..... Both of the guys waiting for 3 Musketeers and Arcade Cards appreciate you looking out for them :ihih:
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    Na 07-27-09

    I was a huge Monkey Island fan growing up. I loved 1-3! I saw on Kotaku this morning that they are releasing Monkey Island for Wii today!!!!!! So I mosey on over here to see if I can find anything else, and lo and chapter at a time, and then I have to pay for each...
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    Na 7-20-09

    I dont care if I sound negative, but I can only work up the energy to be so every OTHER week. So, what is their positive to say about ANOTHER card game? Gotta love the poker boom. How many Hold'em games and variations are their between the 3 systems and your phones? I play poker, and people...
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    TMNT Lost In Time

    Probably not, which is why this site is a ghost town......every Monday/Friday is like the Christmas morning where you wake up to find your Christmas tree and presents all stolen. Thanks Nintendo!
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    na 6-29-09

    Nintendo hates us all!
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    Na 6-15-09

    goes without saying. Is this site even alive anymore?
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    Jun 1 09 NA VC update

    all I have to say is, I hope that Final Fantasy 4 is the shiznit Oh, one thing I just thought of. Isnt a deck of cards like, the price of two boxes of skittles? So therefore, why wouldnt you just play the real thing with up to 5 friends? You dont have to gamble, lets use our imagination...
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    Offical Punchout thread

    Why? Tyson had nothing to do with the game. He was a boss that they colored white and named Mr. Dream, same game. Tyson IRL is the type of guy who says "I hate my fans". He didnt even know this game was coming out. The only reason Tyson has made himself so available the past few years (and...