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    The conduit copied house of the dead overkill ha!

    Lif you noice the birds that fly around in overkill kill, if you kill them they make a sound the the drudge that come out of the egg sacks in the conduit. Has anyone noticed that yet
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    Trailer for call of duty modern warfare reflex? Still not yet

    It's almost month till cod mw reflex comes out for nintendo qii and still no gameplay futage. Only 5 pictures. This is no escuse saying that modern warfare mobilized for nintendo ds has a trailer and is coming out the same day reflex is coming out. Y do I complain about this? I want to see if...
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    Wii news: modern warfare: relfix. Better than ps3 or 360?

    In the intervie with gamespot and activision, he said wii speak will not be included with the game. But he did say that they made the friend system a lot better
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    Wii news: modern warfare: relfix. Better than ps3 or 360?

    As u all know Call of Duty Modern Warfare: refix is coming on November 10th. Is this game better or worth than other sytems. Here is what the goods and bass are. GOODS: -all online game modes -10 players instead of 8 -wii zapper compadible -exclusive wii modes including: arcade mode and...
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    Update on modern warfare for wii. OMFG!

    I have done some reshearched and I found put that modern warfare is going to improve a lot than from call of duty world at war. It is said to have all the game modes ( ofline and online ) plus another one. As you all know, modern warfare for 360 and ps3 had no co op mode. Well the wii now had...
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    Guitar hero 5 friend exchange "officail thread"

    This is for people who want to exchange their online nicknames and play! I'll put mine down when I get the game which is in 5 days. Ok my friend code is (wii friend code).2203 4010 4880 5050
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    For the first time, is the wii the best system for gh5?

    I read an article and it said esclusivly for wii, you can do mii play and play along with ur ds if you need another band member. Also no friend codes. Is wii the best system for this game? U can buy albums too
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    No friends codes on GH5!

    On all guatar heros there were &$@?en friend codes. There is no on this one, you can friend request people on the game. There is no comunication sadly, but it's still cool. The music store I'm proud of too, I'm not disapointed I bought a wii now lol.
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    Modern warfare for the wii. The dos and don'ts

    That's a tumbs up. Better then 8 players online
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    Modern warfare for the wii. The dos and don'ts

    What do you think modern warfare for wii can have that world at war didn't have. Here is what I say, three simple things (plus a forth one) -graphics (if the conduit did it, so can you) -10 person online mulitplayer (at the least, mabey more modes?) -slpit screen and MAP PACKS! -...
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    Conduit revival

    Yea, secound one should have these 4 things: tanks, vehicles online capnion (ofline too) map packs talk to strangers (which nintendo will never allow)
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    Conduit revival

    On the elevator in the Lincoln mamorial, the one near the infirmary it said inside the elevator danger high vaultage lol
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    Yea nothin poped up Joe

    Yea nothin poped up Joe
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    My names shadow33440011. But I have no conduit machiminas yet. I still need a camera man and a...

    My names shadow33440011. But I have no conduit machiminas yet. I still need a camera man and a couple of actors
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    Conduit u tube show (actors needed)

    Alright, anymore? I still need a camera man
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    Conduit u tube show (actors needed)

    Ok, that's one, anybody else
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    Reccomended Wii Shooter Games.

    I say the conduit because of wii speak. Lol that why I got wii speak.
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    Conduit u tube show (actors needed)

    I am making a conduit machimina (u tube tv show). I am looking for a couple of actors and a camera man. Make sure if u put ur feien code down though don't just do it just to be my friend. The name of the tv show is still to depend but it's about 3 average guys who get the conduit and there daily...
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    Is sega trying to make wii hardcore?

    From the games Id played recently, I notice that sega is trying to put more hardcore games for the wii. They started out with the house of the dead 2 & 3 return (witch was ok since I love that arcade series). Then madworld (not that good). House of the dead overkill ( made a pretty good arcade...