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  1. Band geek

    What did you lose your gaming virginity on...

    It's all about the Pentiums! Jesus, I don't even remember the first video game I played. The first system I owned was a SNES. I got it for Christmas nearly 2 decades ago, packaged with Super Mario World, and I got All-Stars shortly thereafter. Super Mario World was the first game I beat, I...
  2. Band geek

    Fav super nintendo game..

    Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Close 2nd is Seiken Densetsu 3.
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    Do you think Rocket: Robot on Wheels will come out on Virtual Console?

    It was Jojo the Raccoon who took over the Whoopie World theme park, kidnapping Whoopie the Walrus in the process. Rocket had to stop Jojo and recover the Tickets and Tinker Tokens (equivalents to Banjo-Kazooie's Jigsaw Pieces and Notes). Twelve Tickets and 200 Tinker Tokens in each world. There...
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    Hey, I added you on WaW. I may not be on much over the next day or two because of the holiday...

    Hey, I added you on WaW. I may not be on much over the next day or two because of the holiday and work, but I should be on Sunday.
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    The conduit, best first person shooter, I think so

    I agree. The Conduit was vastly overrated IMO. It takes too long to find matches online, players appear to warp through walls. Sometimes, upon spawning in a game, players will be "walled" or have a black screen with nonrespsonsive buttons. There are far too many flaws with The Conduit. Call...
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    What is your Review of The Conduit?

    The Conduit's single-player campaign is extremely short as well, with only nine missions. The online component has been worthless for me, not working at all. Right now, because of my experience with The Conduit, I'd suggest not purchasing it.
  7. Band geek

    Anyone else having connection issues with Conduit?

    Lol, I'm unaffiliated. None of my friends have a Wii and I don't have WiiSpeak, so I don't really see the point of joining or forming a clan. My FC for Conduit is 2364-3407-6866. If anyone adds me, lemme know. Maybe I will be able to connect and play a match sometime in the near future. :p
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    Anyone else having connection issues with Conduit?

    For some reason, I cannot play The Conduit online. Each time I try to connect in regional or worldwide, the connection times out after the five-minute countdown, even when there are other players listed. I am fairly certain that the issue is not with my connection, mainly because my wireless...
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    TMNT Smash-Up video; two new characters confirmed

    Last I saw on GameStop's site, the ship date was September 9th. Wikipedia quotes the date of release at Sept. 22nd, but I didn't think to check the source at the time. I am pulling for a release on the 9th, or at least prior to September 12th. That way, someone can buy the game for me as a...
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    TMNT Smash-Up video; two new characters confirmed

    There is a thirteen-minute video featuring a lot of gameplay on Gamespot. I would link it up if I wasn't on my iPod. It is a great video that really gives the viewer a nice look at the game.
  11. Band geek

    Godfather Blackhand Edition - Tips

    There are moneybags hidden on most of the missions in the game. You must complete the mission to earn the money. If you die or fail the mission, you must collect the moneybags again. The bags will always be grouped together if there are more than one. If memory serves, the in-game checklist...
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    TMNT Smash-Up video; two new characters confirmed

    It's April. Her current design in the game, unfortunately, is based off of the 2007 TMNT movie (as are all the other characters). I really hope this means that we can unlock the original comic character skins as well as the '80s cartoon skins. I am pumped for this game.
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    TMNT Smash-Up video; two new characters confirmed

    It should come as no surprise that Shredder and April O'Neal have been confirmed as playable fighters in Ubisoft's Turtle brawler. They should have given Shredder more of a human-like design. He looks like a robot to me. Video-...
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    1st Party Nintendo RPG (Monolithsoft)

    Looked great until I saw the battle video. A full 3-D RPG with big environments should have real-time combat. Turn-based combat in large, 3-D environments holds it back IMO.
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    Super Galaxy Announced for 2010

    Video. That drill power-up is awesome.
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    Am I the only person who finds zelda and metroid really hard?

    The original Zelda and Metroid games were difficult. MP3 has its difficult parts, but it isn't too bad. I didn't think TP was hard at all, but I'm used to the Zelda style. Link to the Past is my favorite game, and I've played through it and Link's Awakening what seems like a million times.
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    Whatever happened to...

    I had heard that it was moving to a full retail release, but that was quite a while ago. I hope this game doesn't end up like Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
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    Whatever happened to...

    Animales de la Muerte? Haven't heard anything about it in a long time...
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    Mario-themed T-shirt design

    My younger brother is a pretty good artist and entered a design on It portrays what Yoshi would look like as a real-life creature. He drew it using Flash. See it (and vote for it, if you don't mind) here:
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    Madden 10 - Wii

    Why did EA develop Madden '10 for the Wii, but not develop NCAA Football '10 for the Wii? Makes no sense.