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  1. Fox McCloud

    Looking for a game, right here right now.

    Ive never played before and im looking for a game to test my connection. My number is 163310 090201 PM me on here or on msn on [email protected] This way of playing online seems abit strange what if you dont have any other friends with a wii online :( Im looking for some friends here :)...
  2. Fox McCloud

    The offical mario strikers charged match finder!

    Ive had the game for a week now, im just looking for a game online now, ive never played it online, so id kinda like to test out my connection. Anybody online now to give it a whirl?
  3. Fox McCloud

    Taking all bets!

    Ps3=0 Wii=3 360=0
  4. Fox McCloud

    Stars for Wii Points: 11th May? (UK users only)

    Yeah i know i thought something good might have been about to happen.But Oh well. BTW how many points have you got? And how many wii points do you think you will get for them?Ive got 3,900 im hoping i will get at least 1000.
  5. Fox McCloud

    Stars for Wii Points: 11th May? (UK users only)

    Well the site seems to be back up now, so... i dont see anything new... looks like a fause alarm :(
  6. Fox McCloud

    What to do with GC?

    Ive got the same problem, ive got a Gamecube stood next to my wii, i use all the games (i like to have a nice varied game libary) and all the controllers to play with family and friends. But what can i do with my gamecube console,nobody wants to buy a gamecube with no controllers and no games...
  7. Fox McCloud

    Anyone else got a Mii from Nintendo?

    Wow i really want one of them, im gonna have to try and bowl me a perfect 300 game on wii sports and see if i can get one \o/
  8. Fox McCloud

    For all you UK guys you will get Online a little early

    Thats ace news, and hopefully there will be lots of new titles coming out with internet capabilities sooner rather then later. Hopefully metroid \o/
  9. Fox McCloud

    Mario Party 8 Images

    Release date? Are we expecting it soon this year or later? And is it definatly not online? Hopefully nintendo will have sorted something out by the release of this game?
  10. Fox McCloud

    Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector Help

    Im using a USB nintendo wi-fi connection and mine works perfectly. You just have to make sure that your have allowed access from your computer to your wii, and use the search option on the wii to find the access point. Just keep searching if your having trouble. Other then that i really can...
  11. Fox McCloud

    Donkey Kong 64?

    Does anybody know whether this is likely to be released on VC? The reason im asking is because all this truble between Rare and Nintendo. I know Donkey Kong is a nintendo copyrighted character but this game was produced by rare, does anybody know any details about whether it is likely to feature...
  12. Fox McCloud

    Mii Games

    Does anybody know or have any ideas about any future games which will involve the mii's that we have all created and come to love. Ive read posts about miis being involved in Smash Bros - Brawl, but i can really see that happening. I justed to know if nintendo had comfirmed any future...
  13. Fox McCloud

    Name the game!

    Wow that was an ace game i remember playing on it, and i was only 5 when it was released :/omg how some things stay with u in your mind. Any idea whether something like this would be released on VC or not?
  14. Fox McCloud

    The Godfather Blackhand Edition Video

    Looks ace man, not seen anything like that before on a nintendo console and will bring in alot of older players. Are there any other details about the game? UK release dates? or approx date?
  15. Fox McCloud

    European users: No stars in Red Steel?

    Im gutted after nintendo reveling that star points can be used to purchase wii points. Guess ill have to dip into my wallet if i want some VC games.