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    Wi-fi Letdown

    lately i always got disconnected before i get a match. Kinda frustating, anyone know if nintendo is working to solve this? because right now i prefer compete against cpu.
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    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    hey nick, where do you obtain your statistics? wich option i mean
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    Questions about Brawl Online: Please Confirm

    well, i think nintendo brawl online experience has improve, ive brawl with a dude on florida, im at mexico, with no lag. few days ago i cant brawl with anyone, right now are only a few ones..
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    SSBB Friend Codes

    add me , im at Mexico, 0001-3100-7701, let me know in order to add you...
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    I just got it.

    Heres my FC for brawl 0001-3100-7701, add me and let me know on this thread or at pm so i can add you. My friend roster looks very lonely, lol
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    Cannot connect to friends on Brawl

    i dont think is a problem for the cd game, sure nintendo is working fast to support all wifi battles nicely.
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    Need Help With Online Connections? Come Here.

    I dont know the meaning of WEP signature but you need to enter the administration software of your router and chec if your externals connection are configured to use WEP Access. If so, you need to go to the WEP tab in wich you will generate the passwords in 8.bit or 24.bit, when this passwords...
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    Whats the difference between...

    thanks mrobrien!!! I'll do that!!!
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    MSC on HDTV

    damn... I was afraid that anyone told me that... my fear come true , lol... anyways, i hope dont face you cause you know my weakness (another) lol
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    Whats the difference between...

    So, in order to a better game experience I should go to panoramic?
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    Whats the difference between...

    Hi I recently purchased a HDTV and connect my Wii to it. I saw that on the Settings you can change your tv mode from Standard to panoramic but dunno what each options mean. Please post your answers.!!
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    MSC on HDTV

    Hi everyone. I just having a bad time playing MSC on my new HDTV , just dont know if i need to make any adjustment or is only that i was very very use to my antique tv ( flat 29inches). Im having troubles with megastrikes i cant stop anyone because my wiimote doesnt move fast around the...
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    Anyone Else being badly disconnected?

    I got the same problem yesterday between 9.00 pm and 11.00 pm Central Time
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    Dont know why.

    yeah.. gg's again xClickx, on the past i used birdo but cant handle her, for me its too slow, but I will give her a try, hammer bro a totally no, i dont like him, lol.. by the way, after we play I always get good record after that, always helping me out playing with you... thx..
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    2v2 Tournament

    i can do that too, but got no expertise playing with a partner, could be a totally noob..
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    Dont know why.

    People, sometime when i play online and ranked there a lot of games that I may think we play at normal speed, even with the 4 stars connection, but other time that I play online the game speed increases a lot and we play very fastest games online. Is all of the lag that some users introduce...
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    New msc tourney

    lol, either I, lol. As i see you play often right? Im always play 10pm my time throught 12.00 am or 1.00am, if you see me online , invite, ill do the same..
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    Currently: A Daily Leader

    I was behind adam too , lol!!!! i just stopped playing like 4 am, never catch him, lol I was leader for a few minutes, lol, mii name Angeltm
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    One Ticked Off Player

    forget to tell, i use 3 boos but ony boo deke when i fully open. but right now im trying to change to a serve it in or serve it up with boo.
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    One Ticked Off Player

    steve, get use to it, theres a lot of ppl who dc and goalie camp. Theres nothing to do against that, just try to keep in mind who did that and do it against them too, lol. I remembered that play against a team with 3 boos on it, guess what, a boo deker!! also a lot of them..