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    Who has the best/worst username?

    my username is obviously the best
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    Official Battle Thread

    this is sad.
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    US Army robots using Nintendo Wii

    this seems really retarded to me. couldnt they make a simpler controller designed specifically for the robot?
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    Look at what I bred/made

    it became boring for me after about of month of breeding tentacools. i think my best was something like 31/x/31/30/31/31. of course it didnt have the right hidden power so i had to keep going...
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    What is your favorite final smash?

    wario's is fun. the light speed bike and flying by doing aerial moves are both great.
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    What are your favorite and least favorite items?

    i guess i stand corrected. i just assumed it was since it was similar to the soccer balls found in animal crossing in that you cant pick them up and can only move them by touching them.
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    i do :mad:
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    fave pokemon character

    in order i'd say: jigglypuff ivysaur pikachu lucario squirtle charizard
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    What are your favorite and least favorite items?

    first of all i think the soccer balls are supposed to be from animal crossing. you're supposed to hit them with a strong attack and they catch fire and fly across the stage. i have a replay of an online battle where my friend hit me with one midair and it richocheted off me hitting another...
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    no, the worlds largest jigglypuff is what you get after yoshi uses his b attack on jigglypuff in this state. when the egg hatches she's bigger than the stage.
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    who have you decided to main

    jigglypuff, wario, diddy, lucas
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    Nobody Online?

    more like too many people online. the servers are overloaded which is why with anyone matches fail so oftern.
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    This gives new meaning to the term, HOLY *$%$

    hey guys, try having yoshi put jigglypuff in an egg after the final smash glitch. makes her even bigger.
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    I got the Tabuu Trophy

    i once got two trophy stands at the same time battling metaridley. of course it was at the very begining and they were gone before i could get his hp low enough.
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    Metaknight's Glide

    up + b makes him glide if thats what you're asking.
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    Favorite Sniper rifle?

    what do you all need sniper rifles for?
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    Post your desktop.

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    I got the Tabuu Trophy

    i assume you get the trophy of him with wings by hitting him with a trophy stand while he's doing that red pulse attack. you know, the one where he grows wings.
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    If you had one day left to live...

    what would you be pursuing?
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    well, aren't you just the king of knowing things?