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  1. matheu00

    Alpha force Logo

    Unfortunately man, I cant do this.... My laptop's lid hinge has been broken for a while, but now the screen just doesn't work.... :( I'm on a new Desktop PC build, so when its done I may be able to help out then, but I'm talking about a month or so.... Sorry again :(
  2. matheu00

    Alpha force Logo

    The size above was Avatar size, but I'll scrap that.... if your planning on using it as a Front Page thing, then I'll go for the classic 800x600 size.
  3. matheu00

    Alpha force Logo

    Got a size in mind... If not i'll go for 130x110 (w x h)
  4. matheu00

    Alpha force Logo

    If you can get me a link to a picture that you like of the Jet Wings.... I'll create this.
  5. matheu00

    Admiral's Artpad

    As you may already be aware, the gfx section on here sadly isnt that great, its one of the reasons along with family commitments why i went in-active fora while.... CnC's By far your best out of that selection, however your text is off...(sadly in all of them) {tag 2} Text shouldnt be large...
  6. matheu00


    GFX battles ..... I'm up for that... The last SotW was a major flop :( I think it was only Myself, Dprinny and maybe one other (haven't gone to the thread to check.) SotM may work and again I'm up for that :) Lets hope it makes a great come back...
  7. matheu00

    HUGE wii troubleshooting problem

    ^ This Especially if your wii is under the warranty...... however the alternative is, to take it to your local game repair shop. (if your wii is out of warranty) You'd be right not to put any new discs in for fear in making them unusable...
  8. matheu00

    Gold plated wii...

    The queen playing the wii? I can imagine the queen playing black ops or conduit 2... Or wii fit.... Lol
  9. matheu00

    Black Ops Wii Discussion

    Check your Wii Settings for the Internet and make sure your connection is working and active. Combat Training Your Wii needs to be connected to the Internet... Multiplayer ---> Black Ops Online (opens a side menu and the 4th is Combat Training) if your in a public match lobby there is a 'Switch...
  10. matheu00

    Combat training with a friend

    It is possible in black ops, you need to exchange ally codes, and simply invite your ally to your game while you are in the lobby area of combat training. Edit your combat training options and your good to go, Computer controlled players will have [3arc] before their name.I don't know about...
  11. matheu00

    image creation needs!!!!

    try copying and paste the blue text into your signature box.
  12. matheu00

    image creation needs!!!!

    Ok the Avatar didnt work out to well on this one but i liked the tag.
  13. matheu00

    image creation needs!!!!

    I was pushed for time, but here's a quick set I threw together I'll get a second up for you tomorrow if thats ok !?
  14. matheu00

    image creation needs!!!!

    i could do that but it would make the render image pretty low quality....... I even tried using Colour Balance to get to a RED, but that didnt work either... I will however sort something out,:)
  15. matheu00

    image creation needs!!!!

    Ok, I'll be on it tonight, should have them both for you very soon..... you just want 'Red Link' on them yea !? EDIT: As much as i've tried I cant find a decent render of red link, all the ones i can find have blocked white pixels around the edge. Therefore cant complete your sig, if you...
  16. matheu00

    Advice on Black Ops controller settings and improving my game?

    I've grown to love the Classic Controller (the normal one, not the one with handles) I have both versions of the pad, but i dont know why but i just feel at ease with a small pad.... Practice definately makes perfect (or close to) also while your playing, its advisable to keep to walls and near...
  17. matheu00

    Call of duty Black Ops

    If your still debating getting Black Ops, due to the amount of time you'll be playing it... 2 out of 12 months, i'd consider getting it from ebay paying no more than £20 GBP ($30-35) CoD: MWR is still pretty active apparently and that is quite old now.
  18. matheu00

    Captain America WiiChat Giveaway!

    I joined the site i while back, about the time I bought my wii... at the time it was the best looking site and most informative around (i did alot of searching) and now since the VB4 update everything looks sweet! I joined the site for various reasons including the Black Ops forum, News, Tech...
  19. matheu00

    image creation needs!!!!

    Red_link, sorry for a late reply, you still needing this sig/ava request?
  20. matheu00

    Call of duty Black Ops

    I was online black ops just last night, Try this, it may work... Try signing on using a different profile, Or In your wii settings, delete your internet settings and set them back up...... I've done the later once and it worked for me.