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    Wolf & Jigglypuff?

    well with jiggly, i played events 1-28 and it said a new challenger is approaching... so i got him, but with wolf, i have no idea yet
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    Greastest Matchups (SPOILERS!!!11)

    Mario vs. Sonic Snake vs. Sonic Samus vs. Sonic Samus vs. Snake
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    First Charectar?

    Ill be starting off as samus, becase i could always kick @$$ with her, then when i unlock I will use them
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    The Final Hour: Looking back at the buildup to Brawl (SPOILERS)

    well you cant really say snake wasnt a nintendo character... his first game was on the original nintendo... but got a point... he really didnt get all that famous until Metal Gear Solid for the PSX
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    The Final Hour: Looking back at the buildup to Brawl (SPOILERS)

    Yeah very good times... would of been funny to see their facial expressions like in the old days... and you know how it goes... punch punch... HAND GROWS, PUNCH... lol that was the best
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    About Pre-orders for Brawl HELP!!!

    well its a 50 50 chance... it might be like the wii, where people reserved them, but there were none for the buyers, not even enough for all the reserves... but there is a chance that there will be enough because its such a big hit, most gamestores like gamestop get enough for the reserved, plus...
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    The Final Hour: Looking back at the buildup to Brawl (SPOILERS)

    ok here it goes... 1. Solid Snake: I literally had tears in my eyes when i saw him along side mario and the other nintendo favorites... that was like the best thing ever!!! (ive always have been a metal gear fan). His codec movies also seem hilarious, cant wait to see the rest!!! :worship...
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    What character will you use in SSBB? {SPOILER ALERT}

    I will be using as my main, the 3 s's.... Samus Sonic Solid Snake S.S.SS