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  1. Koshi

    The Thread Of Success!!!!!!!!

    SUCCESS!!!!!!! We all have moments of Success. Spread 'em epic moments of success all over the thread!!!! :) (Happened to me! :lol:) Fail, right... I hope not...
  2. Koshi

    How Many People Here Got Swept By Whitney's Miltank?

    Never did. Honest truth. Really, it wasn't that hard. It only used Milk Drink ONCE, when it's health was in the "Red" section. I guess people rage when it happens 5+ times and they just wonder "When is it gonna run out of PP!!!???" Other than that, I find it hard to believe that this cute cow is...
  3. Koshi

    The Pokemon Game

    Hi All! Here are the rules: This is the Pokemon Game. The game's purpose is basically this: If you were a Pokemon, what would be your Type, learnset (Levels you learn moves), height, weight, catch rate, stats, Poke'athlon stats (OPTIONAL), your reputation (Legendary, psuedo-legendary, non...
  4. Koshi

    Who's Better, Magikarp or Magikarp?

    Koshi drowned.
  5. Koshi

    Poke' Community Recruitment Drive

    Hello all, I'm Koshi, and I'll be happy to kindly ask you to join my most recent and new group, the Poke' Community! Be active on the group, as we'll have lots and lots of info and tips to share with all! Also, we'll always keep you updated on any new pokemon news, such as Pokemon X & Y! Thanks! :)
  6. Koshi

    Attention all wiichat!!!! Awesome video!!!!!!!!

    Don't click this... It needs to be deleted Needs to be deleted. Needs to be deleted. Needs to be deleted.
  7. Koshi

    Worst Pokemon Game?

    Pokemon Conquest. All said...
  8. Koshi

    Who's Your Favorite Pokemon?

    Scrafty is mine, who's yours?
  9. Koshi

    Who's The Worst Character In Brawl?

    I personally think it's Lucario.
  10. Koshi

    Any Ness Mains On Wiichat?

    I've been looking around lately and I can't seem to see Ness mains,so I'm wondering if anyone here mains Ness.
  11. Koshi

    New SSBB Fan Group Here!!!

    Hi all!!! Great news! Koshi has just created a brand new SSBB Fan Group!! That's right! send me a friend request and I'll always accept! Here's the link: Description: If your a Brawler, then this is the place for you! Friend Codes can be...
  12. Koshi

    New To WiiChat

    Hi y'all, just registered today, and I hope to be a helpful member on WiiChat. Also, if you are reading this, please add me as a friend. It greatly is appriciated indeed! ;) Koshi
  13. Koshi

    Brawl Friend Code Exchange 2012

    Hi! I just registered on Wiichat today! On this thread you can trade and exchange friend codes with me. Brawl FC: 4556-3841-4261