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  1. Gikoku Harakami

    Plastic Surgery, Lifts, Liposuction, etc.

    We know what they are and what they do, but what is your opinion on the subject? Are you completely against the use of this and feel it's wrong? Society can be cruel, but would you succumb enough to the negative feedback of your appearance to fix your "flaws"? Many celebrities have had...
  2. Gikoku Harakami

    Anime News Network reviews "Dragonball: Evolution"

    The team over at Anime News Network have reviewed the live-action Dragonball film after it's opening in Japan today. Their final thoughts in short... "the fans were right." You can view the full review here. So much for those sequels.
  3. Gikoku Harakami

    Which Professional/Freelance Artist(s) Inspires You?

    As the title says, who out there inspires you? For me.. Jason Chan I greatly enjoy his realistic Anime art-direction, I'm definitely not as good as him.. But I'm still practicing. There are other artists out there that fascinate me, but i just wanted to get this thread going...
  4. Gikoku Harakami

    Over-Rated & Under-Rated Music Artists.

    Simple thread, express your opinion of who you feel is over-rated and under-rated in the music industry, and why. Over-Rated: Ayumi Hamasaki: I blame her fans & producers for her being (possibly) the most over-rated JPOP artist of all time. Her fans & producers over-hype every album &...
  5. Gikoku Harakami

    Unable to post in Tech Lounge.

    Tried making a thread in the Tech Lounge, and it didn't work. When I did a preview test of a post under 10 characters, it worked.. when i did multiple paragraphs it went to a white screen and failed to load. Tried multiple times and still the same thing.
  6. Gikoku Harakami

    Gears Of War 2, Info Imminent?

    Gears Of War 2, Officially Confirmed? ------------------------ ------------------------ GamePro cover leads some to speculate about an unveiling at the Game Developers Conference -----------------------
  7. Gikoku Harakami

    Valve Talks About More Portal & Half-Life.

    --------------------------- ---------------------------
  8. Gikoku Harakami

    EA Fights Back Against FOX News & Stands Up For Gamers.

    --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- "Gamers don't intend to be societal punching bags any longer." - Dennis McCauley FOX Slanders Mass Effect On top of that, Cooper Lawrence (The woman responsible for ignorantly trashing Mass Effect) had...
  9. Gikoku Harakami

    Best Buy Discontinuing 80GB & 60GB PS3.

    --------------------------- --------------------------- Click Here To See The Closeout Notice
  10. Gikoku Harakami

    No more "Mii" Profiles?

    I just signed on awhile ago, and noticed everyone's Mii Profile is gone. Is this permanent or is it just the Staff testing around?
  11. Gikoku Harakami

    360 Fall Update Sneak Peak.

    Xbox 360 Dashboard Update --------------------------------- In this video, the guys at Gamerscore Blog, give us a sneak peak tour of the main standout changes of the Fall Dashboard Update that will be arriving on Dec 4th, and shows us how they all work. Enjoy.
  12. Gikoku Harakami


    Hi there, I'm Gikoku and came across this site while browsing for some Wii news. Place looks really nice, and fun here. I'm into GFX and stuff, and plan on getting a Wii soon for the holidays. I'm mostly interested in SSB. Brawl & Mario Galaxy, I hope to get to know everyone here alittle better...