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  1. Splash_King

    The Official(ly late) Monster Hunter Thread

    hay talk about monhun any of them wish there was a better section since its on every console ever oh well damn this series is gr8
  2. Splash_King

    Carnivores of the Pokeverse

    Since the very first game, it's been blatantly stated that Pokemon eat other Pokemon. It's an obvious fact anyone who read their Pokedex entries carefully will of noticed, even as a child. In fact, one of the very first Pokemon you might've EVER caught has their Pokedex entry mention the act of...
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    The Official Pokemon Challenge Thread

    Welcome to Wiichat's third rendition of the Official Pokemon Challenge Thread. This is a place where trainers take it upon themselves to attempt special Challenges of varying difficulty for any and all mainstay RPG Pokemon games, from Red and Green to X and Y! Said Challenges are all 'bout...
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    The Official "Searching for Players" Thread

    Post here if you're lookin' for someone to play a multiplayer game with. Even if ya don't know if anyone has the game you're playin', you're still free to post here. Do NOT go off-topic (arranging matches in the thread is on-topic), and do NOT exchange Friend Codes in this thread. For FC...
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    Xbox Live "Ultimate Game Sale"

    When Microsod was supporting all'a that DRM in the beginnin', quite a few people wondered if somethin' like Steam sales would happen on Live; turns out people made enough noise for them to consider it. I ain't...
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    What're ya watchin'?

    Because why the **** not. We've got a thread for tunes, now we've a thread for telly. Or youtube/veoh/what the **** ever. ... So, what're ya watchin'?
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    Assassin's Creed 4 Officially Announced

    source Well, I'm sure as **** happy that Ubisoft won't be droppin' naval battles just yet... the thought of assassin-piracy also makes me one happy fish. I'll definitely be lookin' forward to moar oh-so charismatic Haytham Kenway screen time, as it'l be likely that the game will...
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    Revolting rumors regarding Xbox 720 ratified

    Source: also these might just be rumors, but make as much noise as possibru so microsod dont do dis
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    Epitaphs for the Banned

    Oh boy! I've been waitin' to make this thread for bloody ages, I can't believe how long it's taken for another member t' be permabanned. Here in our humble sub-forum of stupendous idiocy, this thread will list non-bot fools and simpletons that somehow manage t' earn themselves a permaban; some...
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    MOTHER re-release in the works?!

    Despite the fact solely MOTHER 2 (known to us as Earthbound) has been released outside of Japan, the MOTHER series has some immense popularity overseas from the single release. Shigesato Itoi has been more aware of this fact in recent years. As such, something is finally in the works. From...
  11. Splash_King

    Red Dead Redemption needs a movie/TV series

    Beware them spoiler comments like never before, partners. It's not that I never thought this prior to watchin' the above video, but seein' it take form as an actual short film makes it even more apparent what impeccable potential RDR has to be a grandeur modern Western. 'Specially if John...
  12. Splash_King

    The Official Pokemon Event Thread

    Rather than making a new thread for every new Pokemon event announcement and release, I'll instead be reporting every new event Pokemon's release here. This includes Pokemon not necessarily all-that rare being released via password on the Dream World, things like that stupid Piplup, as well as...
  13. Splash_King

    New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game Revealed!

    CoroCoro's first images have been released detailing the newest addition to the dungeon crawler Mystery Dungeon series. Though not many details are known yet, some pretty decent info's been leaked. Firstly, the name. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth. Bit of a...
  14. Splash_King

    Keldeo Event Now Active, Ponyfags Cheer Annoyingly

    ... What? The title was totally necessary. >_> A few days late on this, sorry y'all. Dunno how I missed it... That aside, a Keldeo event is now active! You'll be able to get this special Keldeo from Gamestops 'round the USA from August 27th (the event started Monday) to October 6th, a day...
  15. Splash_King

    Piplup Event Announced, No ****s Given

    BW2; and only BW2; will have a unique Piplup obtainable via wi-fi event. The details are as follows for the Japanese events, and the English details will replace these once announced. Piplup ♂: Level 15 OT: リサイタル ID: 07202 Ability: Torrent Nature: Random Hold Item: Metronome Moveset: Peck...
  16. Splash_King

    The Official Black & White 2 News Thread

    Since Nick's Black & White 2 thread was made as soon as BW2 was announced, the entire thread is full of speculation, herpaderp (from your's truly especially :P), and has no form of organization, so... Official thread wewt! I'll be keeping the thread up to date with all BW2 news and data, both...
  17. Splash_King

    Darkrai Event Now Active!

    As first mentioned in Eric's thread, a Darkrai event is now active on wi-fi. The details of the event are as follows. Darkrai: Level 50 OT: 2012MAY ID: 05092 Ball: Cherish Ability: Bad Dreams Nature: Random Hold Item: Enigma Berry Moveset: Dark Void Ominous Wind Faint...
  18. Splash_King

    April Infractions Day

    So, who enjoyed their personal gift from yours truly? Aren't fake infractions a blast? :D
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    Rumors about the PS4?

    Rumor has it that the new Playstation (leaks, true or false I can't say, calling it the "Orbis") thingamajig will not only be unable to play used games, but will lack backwards compatibility. If this turns out true, I will be forced to take all my anticipation of buying a PS4 over Microsod's...
  20. Splash_King

    Wiichat went down temporarily?

    Noticed that Wiichat was down around... uh, 2-3 AM EST, maybe? Somewhere around there, for at least an hour. Could'a been one, could'a been three, I wasn't keepin' track. Anyone got a clue why? Just a tad curious.