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  1. Skorp

    Little King's Story and Marvelous It's very sad that the 10th best wii game on metacritic has a chance to not be seen on shelves. I just did my part and pre ordered. If you're planning on buying the game you should do the same. Marvelous has been giving us...
  2. Skorp

    One Year Subscription to Nintendo Power for $3.31

    Doesn't get much better than this folks. Follow the link below for a $3.99 subscription Nintendo Power Subscription Don't forget to enter the coupon code VALUE17 at checkout for an extra 17% off taking you down to $3.31 Offer only valid today so jump on it quick!
  3. Skorp

    Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

    Does anyone have this game? I'm stuck at chapter 3. I can't figure out how to wake Muramasa. Any help? EDIT: nvm, figured it out, you're supposed to talk into the microphone. I hate when they use the microphone and don't make it obvious.
  4. Skorp

    Battalion Wars 2 - $28.62 @ Amazon

    Title says it all. 8/10 from IGN. 75/100 at Metacritic
  5. Skorp

    Coin Launcher Question

    At the bottom left there is a green bar that kind of grows as you shoot coins. Anyone know what that is?
  6. Skorp

    Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - $29.43 Shipped

    Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - $29.43 Shipped at Regularly $49.99. IGN Review: Metacritic...
  7. Skorp

    Buy 2 DS Games at CC for $30 (61 Titles to Choose From)

    Just as the title says, Circuit City has 61 DS games to choose, buy any two games priced at $19.99 and get 2 for $30. (Free Ground Shipping, $2.50 tax)...
  8. Skorp

    Alien Syndrome - $16.96 at Circuit City

    Circuit City has Alien Syndrome for $16.96 + Shipping and Handling. You can get free shipping on orders of $24 or more. There is also a rebate of $5 if you review the game at...
  9. Skorp

    Manhunt 2 Wii - $25 at Amazon

    Manhunt 2, be advised this is a game for adults. 37% off.
  10. Skorp

    Friday the 22nd, Amazon Gold Box Deals on Wii Games

    There will be 5 surprise deals on Friday for wii games. Details can be found here: Don't know what the games/accessories will be yet. But I'll definitely be keeping an eye out...
  11. Skorp

    Trauma Center: New Blood - $30 at Amazon

    SORRY FOLKS, PRICE WENT BACK UP TO $47.99 NOW. :( Just like the title says. Trauma Center: New Blood - $30 (%40 Off) IGN: 8.5/10 Metacritic: 76/100...
  12. Skorp

    RE: Umbrella Chronicles at Amazon for $30

    Just like the title says. Plus free shipping.
  13. Skorp

    Elebits for $20 at Newegg

    SORRY SOLD OUT NOW! Newegg has Elebits for $20, no tax (depending on state) and free shipping. Newegg is a very good place to shop. Highly recommended. Hope this helps ya'll, I just ordered a copy myself. # Does...
  14. Skorp

    Words of Wisdom

    Anyone will tell you the best way to learn is through experience, I prefer to learn from the mistakes of others however. It tends to hurt less. So yeah, what have you learned recently through trial and error or simply error. I'll start it off. - Don't dance in the shower, its slippery, you...
  15. Skorp

    10% off decalgirl

    If you're looking for a skin for your wii or other gadget you can use the coupon code GETTEN to get 10% off. If you spend over $30 you can use the coupon code SAVER to get free shipping. Play nice and enjoy.
  16. Skorp

    What Soap/Shampoo do you use?

    I was taking a shower and was curious what other people use. I use Oil of Olay soap, I like how it smells though I'm probably going to switch to a liquid soap because bars seem to be becoming obsolete and liquid soap is just easier. Although it feels more like you're using soap when you're...
  17. Skorp

    Endless Ocean Help

    I'm in the Abyss and some animals just won't warm up to me. Tried food, petting, poking, whistle. No golden sparkles for anything. Still have ??? on a bunch of stuff there that won't change. Any have any suggestions?
  18. Skorp

    Convince Me to Buy Endless Ocean

    I'm on the fence and I think I'd enjoy the game but not really sure whether to get it or not. Can those who have played the game give me their impressions. I hate to do this but if I could also have your age. I'm 23 and younger people tend to have different opinions on games in some cases...
  19. Skorp

    Underground Bag Guys With Feet?

    I just got the game recently and I've seen an enemy a couple times that runs around underground. When you stop they pop out of the ground but when you move they go underground again. They look like teal bags with feet. I can't remember the galaxy where I saw the first one it was really early...
  20. Skorp

    Mario Galaxy Nov 12th!

    November 12th! 9:55am