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  1. daisyJ27

    24 Mario Kart Racers!

    Anyone excited for the mlw hack that'l release soon? I hope. And long time no see y'all.
  2. daisyJ27

    Post your Nintendo Network ID Here!

    I got my Wii U 2 days ago but it wasn't until yesterday that I felt like setting it up! :P NNID : JamericanRocket Add me if you wish or if you are going to get any of the following Online Multiplayer games: Super Smash Bros. Wii U (I have this) Mario Kart 8Wii Sports ClubSonic & Sega's...
  3. daisyJ27

    Popular Wii U Online Multiplayer games?

    I'm going to be purchasing a Wii U soon and I want to know the games that people play with online. Besides Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Mario Kart 8.....what else is there?
  4. daisyJ27

    There's a lot of mammaries from this forum

    When I look back on when I first came to WiiChat, I use to be so annoying to a lot of people! Even to some administrators. I remember when I made that "Best Sonic Player Ever" for SSBB and use to talk a lot of trash. I couldn't be friends with my younger self lol.
  5. daisyJ27

    Wii Game not working on WiiU

    Maybe the update prevents you from playing certain Wii Games anymore. When you go to the disk channel does it say "Unable to read disc"?
  6. daisyJ27

    Kirby Air Ride 2 (Wii U)

    Why do you say that?
  7. daisyJ27

    Hdmi nes...

    No I mean, the graphics were improved in the 1993 version. Well Super Mario Allstars.
  8. daisyJ27

    Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

    So, Super Mario Advance had 2 versions then?
  9. daisyJ27

    Hdmi nes...

    The Super Nintendo improved all of the NES graphics! Such as with all the 80's super Mario games! And many more!
  10. daisyJ27

    Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

    I'm sure you probably wonder at a point why Super Mario Bros. 2 USA version looked different than the first game. It's simply because the creators in Japan thought that the actual Super Mario Bros. 2 was in fact too hard for Americans. I decided to try out the game myself and get Super Mario...
  11. daisyJ27

    mario kart8 29.99 sears sale black friday

    Now watch how fast it will get sold out.
  12. daisyJ27

    What are you listening to??

    I'm listening to Fly Away by Rhema Soul. :)
  13. daisyJ27

    Naruto has ended?

    I still can't believe it.....
  14. daisyJ27

    Recent Gamecube games you've gotten.

    That game was greatness ok gamecube. The XG series was good as a whole.
  15. daisyJ27

    Recent Gamecube games you've gotten.

    Sounds like a game that I would like to try since it sounds really challenging. I wonder if it's something like Extreme G X3 Racing. It's funny how on that game when you fall off the track it's game over.
  16. daisyJ27

    What is your favorite GameCube game?

    Yea, I'm trying to beat it for the 2nd time.
  17. daisyJ27

    Recent Gamecube games you've gotten.

    Why? Is that good!? The feel of playing that game must be awesome. And I still need to play TYD
  18. daisyJ27

    Wii Brick (Really Bad)

    Was your wii menu 4.3 and did you install the theme as 4.3? I've personally never experienced this problem.
  19. daisyJ27

    What is your favorite GameCube game?

    At the moment, Soul Calibur 2. But it all depends on the day.
  20. daisyJ27

    Recent Gamecube games you've gotten.

    Lol, reminds me when I sat on my Wii Sports Disc, I didn't care much about it though. And I've been meaning to play F-Zero GX, is there a story mode on it? That would be awesome.