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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

    i'm pretty much against drugs full stop.
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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

    past q's: yes. i'm simultaneously more shy and louder. submission and domination. pain. :) deer. *can't be bothered being d&m. oh also: proactiv does work. only thing.
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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

    this isn't nearly as deep&meaningful as i'd hoped.
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    Your opinion of guns

    i agree with emma. she's my new hero.
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    Do NOT buy the new imac with leopard "because it just works"

    i just got a macbook pro. it is better than any god.
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    Your opinion of guns

    my opinion of guns: no.
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    Unintentional Racial Stereotypes

    i can't really think of any. i know i have them. i just don't think my mind is letting me access them.
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    WiiChat Interviews; Strike Back

    great idea. cute. interesting. keep it going!
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    What is the talent you are most proud of?

    my ability to read people. also i'm a brilliant writer.
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    where do my posts keep going, darlings?
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    Official Photo Album

    tdk. oldschool, my friend. 30 bucks aud. not bad.
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    Official Photo Album

    i'm tired. i'm listening to music. that's my painting in the b/g.
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    Best (eg. worst) chat-up line you have ever heard

    no ones ever chatted me up.
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    Where do you see yourself in ten years?

    i'll be twenty nine. i'm mature for my age now. i already own a home. i'm well established. i'm talented. in ten years time... the possibilities are endless. ^ due to my new found confidence.
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    Official MySpace Thread
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    WiiChat's MSN Chat

    do add me:
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    Your views on the people on the internet.

    i've met people on the internet and it's turned out to be a bad idea. an awkward situation. lucky i've not had any dangerous encounters. however i do find i can make a bond with people on the internet. i don't need physicial or visual stimuli. i'm not a trusting person, though, and i wouldn't...
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    First Console Ever

    game and watch. wait no. that's not a console. snes.
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    The Dream Thread

    i had a dream i was unable to walk. it seemed as if i was too... stoned. last night i was indeed 'too stoned' to walk because of my meds. come to think of it, i'm not sure if it was a dream. i've had a reaccuring dream where my family (my mother and my partner) will be in a shop where there...
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    You favorite website is?

    yes. problem?