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    wifi questions

    i was told I didn't need a wifi connector to connect to wifi on the wii, 'cause it was built-in. can somebody tell me EXACTLY What I need to get on wifi on the wii?
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    Wiimote problem

    Okay, I was playing Wii Boxing, the training, and then I accidentally smacked the controllers together, and it wasn't that hard. Now, the wiimote completely stopped working. We tried bowling, and it won't even do anything, if you swing it for ANYTHING, it won't even budge. any help for this? I...
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    Rate the sig above you! w00t!

    simple. rate the sig above you. duh. i'd do a rate the avatar, but these are all preset ones. I seen this on another forum I was on.
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    Hi there! I'm new to these forums. I found this forum from, and just wanted to introduce myself! Sure is nice to be part of this forum! Seeya around.