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  1. Ryu.27

    Wii's in North Carolina

    Sup mofo's? I want to add Wii fc's that are in if you're in NC post your FC! Especially if you're getting CoD4 or have WaW.
  2. Ryu.27

    Call of Duty: World at War update

    For the 4th of July Treyarch will hold a double experience weekend for ALL platforms. Starts on the 3rd to the 6th. Looks like I go back to CoD (temporarily) and finish 8th prestige and hopefully get to 10th.
  3. Ryu.27

    More RE:DC news

    From GameSpot: Idk bout you guys, but this is sounds pretty promising every time new info is posted
  4. Ryu.27

    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles news

    From Source: Lol, I'll get so many kils/headshots that'll it'll put the game on Expert :P I thought RE:UC was good, so I'll probably get this game.
  5. Ryu.27

    More Deadspace: Extraction details

    From gamesradar: You can watch the episode here:
  6. Ryu.27

    Tired of having a sucky team? (CoD)

    Don't you just hate it when you have a 3:1 ratio yet your team has a -3:1 ratio? Tired of losing because a noob joins and gets hunted? Tired of retarded team mates who don't whip around the opposing team who's camping? Well, this thread is specifically for players who want good team mates. Post...
  7. Ryu.27

    Call of Duty: World at War online update!

    Today or yesterday Treyarch added two modes to the Wii: 1. Hardcore FFA. - No health regeneration - No kill streaks - No perks - Extra bullet damage - No map 2. Team survival - One life - Extra bullet damage - No map - No perks - No kill streaks WOOT!
  8. Ryu.27

    Leaderboards are UP!!!

    Hey everybody the CoD leaderboards are back up...finally! I think my win:lose ratio has gone down though, I could swear it was 2.12 its 1.84 now :( thanks to those damn sucky noobs who go on regular tdm and make your team lose or when your stupid team keeps dieing when you're the only one who...