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  1. ProShooter

    I win.

    Most users ever online was 2,174, 05-03-2007 at 08:14 PM. Brownies14 Only person on right now :)
  2. ProShooter

    Two and a Half Men

    Love this show. I used to like it more when Jake was younger, but it is still hilarious. Anyone else watch it? And who is your favorite character? They are all amazing IMO. Here is a link to all of their episodes if anyone wants it:
  3. ProShooter

    iGod He's a lot more smart then "smarter child" (Don't ask where I got this prinny) me and God had a nice chat: Me: do you have kids god God: No I don't think I have any kids god. But I do have a great botmaster. Me: your weird God: Weird...
  4. ProShooter

    Wholy crap!

    A guy who has spent 27 years in prison for murder ( Even though he WAS NOT guilty ) has just come out today. That must suck, he must now be old D: They should like pay him 1 million bucks to enjoy the rest of his life IMO...
  5. ProShooter

    Sleazy teacher watched porn on school computer as he taught teenage pupils
  6. ProShooter

    *yawn*, am I the only one on marchbreak?

    I am so bored. Anyone doing anything this march break? Only thing I'm doing is going to a raptors game in the end of the week. Haven't went to one in years....
  7. ProShooter

    polls please

    why can't we have them? this forum is already dieing. surprisingly I would think polls would make it more "alive".
  8. ProShooter

    NBA Thread

    By the looks there aren't much basketball fans here. But for those of you who do watch the NBA, who do you support? I've been supporting Lakers since 2-3 years ago so you can't really call me a glory hunter!
  9. ProShooter

    How do you make...

    Renders blend in to your sig?
  10. ProShooter

    So many people banned?

    Whats with all the accounts banned. Like elopez and ibeef, are they really banned?
  11. ProShooter

    Do you think sex is overrated?

    Yeah, I got the idea from gpoleweski. So what do you think?
  12. ProShooter

    Ideas on what to add...

    when making a sig. What do you guys use when making sigs. I have no idea what to do atm and I'm trying to make a sport signature. Any ideas of effects I could use for the main render (the player). And what I should use as a background. Also can you recommend a set of brushes that are helpful...
  13. ProShooter

    Erasing Question

    In some tutorials, when people work with a render they often tell you in the tutorial to erase anything unwanted on the render. So here I am, taking my erasing tool and erasing over the render and my whole render is gone. It just erases in white. I don't get what this whole erasing thing...
  14. ProShooter

    Questions to anyone who has nba live 09

    Since I don't have live 365 how can I get updated rosters for offline play?
  15. ProShooter

    "400 Bad Request" Error

    I got this error all the sudden when I go to this certain forum, but I don't get the error on my mom's laptop. Anyone know what's wrong? Please don't say google is my friend, no he isn't. But seriously ^, I searched google.
  16. ProShooter

    Nba live 09 vs 2k9

    Which should I get?
  17. ProShooter

    Am I the only one watching AC Milan vs Internzionale?

    So f*cking pissed. Adriano little do*che gets a goal with his hand, and its marked a goal. UGH Milan are playing SO much better like 3 shots on goal and 80 percent possession.
  18. ProShooter

    "Half Man, Half Tree" Disease

    I feel so bad for this guy, look:
  19. ProShooter

    Do you bargain when you can?

    If so what's the best deal you've bargained for or your parents have?
  20. ProShooter

    Do you watch TV more or go on the computer?

    Computer a lot more for me you?