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  1. Bodine

    PlayStation presents nostalgia for 20th anniversary

    New limited edition PS4 stylized in reference to the original PlayStation. And a new theme for PS4 that's free to download right now.
  2. Bodine

    Twitch Plays Pokemon - The Bleachers Thread

    Like the title says, treat this thread as if it were the bleachers to one of the greatest shows man had ever made. So pretty much a discussion thread.
  3. Bodine

    Nintendo Fusion rumors

    Discuss. Now.
  4. Bodine

    Sega Smash Bros. What if thread

    Im bored and want to dwell on an idea and share it. I'm certainly not the only one who would love for Sega to make a Smash Bros.-esque game like Sony did with Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, maybe the one on these forums sure but I know LOTS of people want this, or another Sega MegaMix. So...
  5. Bodine

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Rap match-ups

    The name of the game, pick a character from Brawl and open a challenge up for someone else to accept. Rules of a rap brawl. Figure between you two who goes first. The started will go, then the second person will retort. The starter will then go again, then the second person will finish it up...
  6. Bodine

    Bodine: War Journal

    Cheesy thread title is cheesy. I just wanted to make a thread for the few times I'll be able to get on here while in Afghanistan.
  7. Bodine

    My thoughts on improving Nintendo

    Sure hope I have the right forum for this. If not I'm sure someone will come along and fix me. Anyway, I was deep in thought today, as I usually am, about gaming, as its usually about, and I got onto the subject of Nintendo, and how they're are going about things in this modern day. Now I won't...
  8. Bodine

    Days Passed Away Mission/Job/Rumor thread

    A thread for Missions/Jobs/Rumors for your Days character to take. *Note, all quests are on hold till all participants make a post for all characters in the start Survivor Rumors (First come first served) -Dallas Haven: Rumor has it that Dallas has become a fortress held off by Pulse from...
  9. Bodine

    Days Passed Away The world of Days Passed Away is set in post-zombie-apocalypse America. The RP has an 'in medias res' beggining, which means it begins in the middle of the action. Characters you take control of has already experianced their fair share of the chaos that comes with...
  10. Bodine

    I'm gonna wreck it!

    Everyone seen the trailer for Wreck-it Ralph? If not, here it is: Who all is excited for this? I know I am!
  11. Bodine

    Days Passed Away RP preview and sign up thread

    Thought up of an Rp that I think could be awesome. Been thinking up the basics for it for a while now actually. At the time of me writting this I'm training in the field and can only access WiiChat via smart phone so Ill hold up on the RP but I will type up some previews for the RP while out...
  12. Bodine

    Welcome to the World of: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Welcome to the World of is an idea Ive had for the longest. I wanted to make it a YouTube series, and still do someday. Id select a series of something I like and know well about in pop culture and celebrate it with a slew of related stuff on said series. From its history, music, main releases...
  13. Bodine

    Robotnik: Data Log and Discussion

    This page is used for discussing the Robotnik fan fiction found here> Also, Ill be keeping a data log of all the key characters, items, groups, people of interest, weapons, technology, ect. in the OP. This may take some time so...
  14. Bodine


    This is a fanfiction I worked VERY hard on back when I was posting regularly in the Sega forums. It was an idea I had for a war type video game set in the Sonic universe. Not a Real Time Strategy type though, rather a 3rd person shooter, where you have different squads set in different areas of...
  15. Bodine

    Attention Roleplayers

    Bodines back, and with that, we're about to get this effing party started again. Doing Army training in the field till the 21st of Oct, but when I get back we are going to be starting up a new RP, till then, we have time to discuss what we want to do for a new RP. I have a few options...
  16. Bodine

    Epic RP Idea

    So I was wanting to start up an RP since I'm back and I'm torn between Seekers and this other idea I have. So, here is the idea, and I'll let you RPers decide. Now over the years I've had tons of ideas for movies, games, comics and all that and with all the creative fellas here I was pretty...
  17. Bodine

    Group-made fan-fic project (If youd like to join by all means!)

    So me being an RPer, I still itch to have a good RP going. But alas, RP is pretty dead here now, so I propose instead to start a group effort fanfic. Basically if you help we'll alll brainstorm on a topic thread as we go along and post the finished parts on the offical fanfic thread when we are...
  18. Bodine

    Where my rp bros at?

    any still here? i was hoping to start an rp but want to make sure the rpers even still come to this site
  19. Bodine

    Marvel announces their univese of heroes to enter the Heroic Age in May

    The Civil War, the Seige, death of Captain America, and even Marvel Zombies... It's been a very dark few years for the Marvel universe. For the longest it seemed to only go from bad to worse for the beloved heroes we know and love. Marvel has decided to cut their characters a break and...
  20. Bodine

    I'm having some trouble here

    (Starfox pun intended) My Wii's pissing me off. :/ It plays most games but it wont play my Metroid Prime Trilogy or Super Smash Bros.: Brawl. The two game disks are completely fine by the way, they can be played on my brother's Wii just fine, my Wii's just being a dick. So what's up with it...