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    Economy and WiiChat Activity Linked???

    Both of them are really sucking right now, Whats up??? I've been busy with school, Studying abroad as a college Freshman, proving to be tougher than i imagined. I'm guessing School is a big reason for everyone else too. What's your reason for keeping away from Wiichat??
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    Who are you again???

    Anyone else confused with all the name changes? I thought it would be a good idea to post your former username to make it easier. My old name was Wii-fi.
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    Who has the best/worst username?

    So When i decided to look change my name i had a really tough time coming up with a decent name and it made me think, who has the best and worst username here?
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    Worms: A Space Oddity: A Review End Review B+ Looks like a keeper...
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    How did you get/find Your Wii?

    First off this is different than "i got a wii thread". Ok now that we got that out of the way, anyone have any interesting stories on how you got your wii? Pay a ridiculous amount or get incredibly lucky? For me my mom was looking for phones or something at Best Buy so she walked through...
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    Character with the Hardest Learning Curve

    Who would you say is hard to learn, most say Lucario but i think without a doubt it is Sonic. it's been a few days and i think i've gotten better but he is so clumsy. He is definitely the most suicidal of the characters. On the other hand i think Ike is the easiest to learn not saying that...
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    Characters you suck with

    For me its gannondorf i just don't see how anyone can land his slow no range attacks. and unlike falcon he is insanely slow. EDIT i tried to unlock toon link with him, i got to the boss the second time but man he sucks IMO.
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    Blast Works: New Features and More! Here's another video of gameplay and editing. This game looks cool, the editing and the customization is awesome.
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    Who's in Your Character Repitoire?

    EDIT just saw MV generals thread. Brandon/ bad.
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    NJ Institute Tech 0-29 NCAA record OREM, Utah (AP)—New Jersey Institute of Technology coach Jim Casciano had seen this all before. In fact, he had to watch it more than any other Division I coach in history. NJIT completed an 0-29 season Saturday with a 76-50 loss...
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    Ten Worst Foods to Eat (and Best)

    Interesting Article, some surprising facts to share with ya. Yeah no one reads it for the best foods but it's there if you click on the link Still Going to Chipotle Thursday lol
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    More Mario Kart Wii Rumors and Screens

    It's from gonintendo but the screens look so fake. Some new info has popped up as well, but I cannot verify it. Take it as rumor for now. - D.K’s Snowboard Cross: halfpipe board, great for tricks - Miis will be spectators in the background as well -...
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    Complete Set: SSBB Music With Links (LISTEN)

    When i was looking at Naistoh's thread i thought it would be nice to put a link next to the name. Since this thread is ginormous I couldn't just put it in his thread so i made a new one. I'm almost finished. Edit taking a break be back tom. Mario: A01 - Overworld [Super Mario Bros.]...
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    Post Your First Thread Here(Fun)

    It's cool how you can actually look at your old posts and threads in the user cp it's kind of like a scrap book. Anyways post your first thread here or any other thread you feel that has any importance to you. Lol I was such a newbie...
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    What's on your iPod?

    On My iPod Nano Top 5 most played Smile like you mean it by the Killers What you know by TI Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Pepers Sic Transit Gloria... by Brand New/Slow Drain by The Exies/ The Comeback by the Shout Out Louds Action by Blink 182 Just Bought Free your hate by KFFM...
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    Wiichat Favorite Videos Thread

    Post you're favorite youtube videos here! To use the wiichat media player; copy the url (the website address) Paste in the typing area Highlight the Url Click the M while the Url is highlighted Example: It's a guy who believes he has psychic powers and he will wager 5000 dollars against...
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    Ovation TV takes over IMF

    Ok I turn my TV on today and guess what happens? No IMF [(International Music Feed) it's like MTV without the Reality BS, yeah actual music, good music). Guess what I get instead? OVATION TV!!! Yeah that's right, a "creative art" channel that replaces music. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE ARTS! Shows...
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    New Rumor:Brawl Demo Channel (with pics) According to a couple of images suggest that nintendo has been working on a demo version of ssbb playable on your home tv! no one has authenticated these photos, largely legit or fairly good fakes...
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    Another year another for the Nintendo; What Will Wii See?

    What do you hope for the Wii next year? What new games will be announced? What games will be a hit? a flop? What else would you like from Nintendo? Headset support, no FC's, easier networking between users, name it in Steve's (wii-fi) thread, right here: Edit sorry if the thread tittle does...
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    How many Wiichat members can you name?

    Not really a game just without looking, just off the top of your head how many members can you name, correctly?(numbers, spelling,etc) There are about 33,000 members, prob 1,000 active users. Only rules are put the list in spoiler form EDIT: And No editing! It was hard for me after 7!