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    Never mind
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    PS3 Question (PAL region)

    I am considering buying a ps3. A main appeal to me would be the ability to play my ps2 games. Is there any way the new models could do this maybe through talk of a software update etc.? Thanks and apologies if I came across as quite noobish. :thumbsup:
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    Speaker adaptor.

    Is there any such adaptor or anything which can let me connect 4 speakers to my hi-fi using speaker cable? Thanks for any help. :)
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    Where is...

    Shoko :confused: Where he at these days??
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    is everyone?? usually theres about 60 people in the wii gaming forum and at least 15 in the lounge at this time :confused:
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    im guessing this topic has been over with a few times but... what the hell happened to wiichat?? i come back from holiday and next thing i know my username doesnt exist and everythings different :(.