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    My Video Effects

    Hey, this is not exactly photoshop but I thought I'd post it in here... Its actually videos...made my me. I am kinda new to so I would really appreciate some feedback on them. Here are some of my effects. You can either find them on my Video Effects Blog
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    How to escape from a fan

    I was playing with my friend the other day and my friend got a stupid fan and started hitting me, I couldnt get out of it until I gat 300% How do u escape from it !!1??1?1//1/!/!?!?/????1/?!/!/1/1???!/1?1/!/!/1/1?1?!!?!??
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    Mario Party 8

    I was really looking foward to this game, but when I got it I was kind of disapoited, it was not that fun, what do yall think
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    Best wii gaME

    Here are 4 of the best games for wii please vote if u choose other, please specify Ill edit the scores onece a week. Super Mario Galaxy Super Smash Bros Brawl The Legend of Zelda Twilight Prinsses Guitar hero 3 Other
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    Jonny LEe

    His awesome!! He comes up with stuff the wii can do i suggest you check it out,... I dont know if i can post links yet but if the link doents show up go to google and type in johnny lee
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    Kirby and the kristal shards!!

    I loved this game on 64 and when i saw it on vc I had to buy it and I did lol
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    Hi everyone

    Hi, I have a wii (DUH!) The newest game I bought is SSBB and i think its is just awesome!! I also have guitar hero, mario galaxy and a bunch of other games, but im happy to join this forum (i was in another one but it was like dead lol) Well, Hope i have a good time in this forum1!:cool: