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    Covid Stressed

    Hello, Been damn stressed about the COVID News. I don't understand why are there so many variants like Delta and Lambda. And why are they in Greek? Lockdowns and restrictions almost everywhere. The news are suffocating me and it gives me panic attacks. I even read that during this pandemic, a...
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    Hey there! Anybody in the house? Asking help where to download WII U CEMO games? Emu Paradise is the only one I know and I want to explore more. Based on your experience, which app works best? I'm sorry as I'm not that techy and still learning. Thanks!
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    Reset my switch

    Hey Dudes, got a question here. I faced difficulties in my Nintendo like screen freezes. I'm planning to factory reset my switch, but I don't want to lose all of my data. What do you think? And what are the other Nintendo difficulties you are encountering?
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    Summer Sale

    I saw an Ad about the upcoming summer sale. I'm wondering what is convenient to buy, is it the full version of the switch or I'd rather go for the Switch Lite. Anyone of you have tried either or both? Need your suggestions. Thanks!
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    I am so overwhelmed that it triggers my anxiety

    Hi, Apology to go off topic for a bit. I just wanted to release how I feel... I am starting this thread to ask if stress, anxiety or being depressed the same based on your actual experiences? Is emotional breakdown caused by which? How did you handle it? I have been having a real tough...
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    Any game to relieve stress?

    Hey guys, How is everyone? I hope all is going well with you guys. I feel irritated and frustrated lately. During these past few months, I begin to overthink on things going on around us, all of these restrictions and lockdown. Then vaccine story came around recently - and there is this rumour...
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    How are you today?

    It seems by now the COVID-19 virus is less fatal. The coming months will show the real outcomes regarding mortality but, the scenario is most likely better than March 2020. Does this mean that the covid-19 already come to an end?
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    Coronavirus and Gaming

    Hi Gamers, Did Coronavirus affect your online gaming? Did you think it boost the online gaming industry? Your thoughts is happily appreciated. Thank you.
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    Does anyone still enjoying the Nintendo Switch?

    I observed that no one is really active in here already. Threads are inactive - too sad. Just wanna ask if Nintendo Switch is still in nowadays since no one is around here :( ?
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    Dropping by to say Hi!

    Great day to all members here! I'm a newcomer and I 'm dropping by to say hi.:)