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    It's a cool feature other forums have. I feel that it would be a great improvement to add here!
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    Has anyone watched that show? If not, then SHAME ON YOU. It's hilarious, as well as interesting action wise. Comes on USA Network by the way.
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    Pokemon Platinum Event: Oak's Letter

    According to, there will be a Shaymin event from September 28 - November 8. Here's a link:
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    New Social Group - Classic Metal

    RockerJ has created a new social group called "Classic Metal", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
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    Did anyone here about this?

    The Northpoint Training Centre in Kentucky (AKA a prison) had a riot and what not. here's what the news had to say: Found HERE (P.S. this was no more than 15 minutes away from my house)
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    What's You Versus/Battle Rating On Mario Kart Wii?

    Mine are: VR: 8300 BR: 5108 What about you all?
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    What's your Final Fantasy III team? (SNES)

    Mine is: Sabin - lvl 52 Terra - lvl 52 Gogo - lvl 50 Edgar - lvl 48
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    Guitar Hero: Metallica - Is it worth it?

    I'm a decent fan of Metallica. I know they're good and all, but it lacks the ability of DLC (I've heard). But is it worth 50-60 dollars (either Wii or 360)? Thanks ofr you're advice.
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    Captain Falcon Owning

    Just videos of some Captain Falcon's owning. I figured I throw a few out here first. And his Dream/Story
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    Best Edge Guarder?

    I believe it's Ike. Here's why: His D-Tilt will send anyone straight down to their death, even if at 0% damage, and his Up+B has a high strike, and can barely be dodged, if you use an air dodge in the right place going over Ike. He comes back down and, guess what, HE EDGE HOGS. It leaves you...
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    Pokemon Online

    Hey guys, I know this doesn't really belong here, but I know that this will effect more people in this forum then anywhere else on this website. Here it is: There's a new game online, called "Pokemon World Online". If you can't comprehend what it might be, I have pity on you. It's a...
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    Arc Rise Fantasia - Coming Soon

    I found this in my GameInformer and what do you all think? It's an RPG It comes out 12/31/09 Info:
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    Rock Band 2 - High Scores

    As I made a GH:WT High Score sheet, it's only fair to even out the side of the deal. Same rules apply. Note: I have it for PS2, but so far I haven't heard a difference between PS2 and Wii. But I will only keep track if that doesn't seem so...
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    Guitar Hero: World Tour - High Scores

    I was snooping wiichat and noticed there isn't a high scores list here. I decided to make one. If you think you have a high score, post it here and put it in this form please: Wiichat name Song Difficulty Score Percent (Not required) Note Streak (Not required) High Scores Here...
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    Create A Character

    I wanted to make a thread to see what people had to say so here it is: All the people you can choose, who would you create if you were a Nintendo mod and why the heck would you create them?