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  1. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Just stopped by to say HI!!!

    Hello...Well, I joined this site about...14-15 years ago? It was called WiiChat back then lol I guess it’s called Nintendo Chat today? But anyways, I was reading some comments from my profile & it’s just so sad & I just remember the great amazing times I had here. I hope my old friends are doing...
  2. ZeLdA4LiFe

    My experience playing the Wii U in L.A. (Club Nintendo benefit!) ^.^

    Been a while since I've posted a thread. Sorry if it's in the wrong section... Well anyways, YES! The day I got that email saying I've been invited to play the Wii U, I was shocked! I figured FINALLY! Club Nintendo is finally recognizing me aha It was such an amazing feeling. This event was...
  3. ZeLdA4LiFe

    NO!! My sanctuary has been VIOLATED!!!!!! I feel RAPED!!!!

    hahahah so the day has finally come!! lol ever since I was born, the only systems that have ever been present in my household has been NES, SNES, N64, GCN and Wii I knew the day would come and it has. This year. . . my older brother, a hardcore gamer has bought a XBOX 360!!!! OMG it feels...
  4. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Nintendo has made me cry :(

    well. . . yea :/ got my Wii first day it came out. i, along with others, waited to get the first Wii's out in the US. i remember putting in Twilight Princess and every other game that came along through the years. i had allll my saved files, perfect games, personal high scores on all my other...
  5. ZeLdA4LiFe

    GOOD at it, or BAD at it?

    ok. . . thought about this like. . . . 5 minutes ago. idk if it'll work . . . and idc :) it's simple. you post something and the next person posts if they're good at it, or bad at it. ex: cooking. . .GOOD or BAD? i go first. . durrr making someone laugh. . .?
  6. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Something bothers me... *BRAWL related*

    ok, so we all know that Brawl has already been released in Japan since the 31st. me being in america has to wait till march 9 till its released. heres whats been bothering me........ why is it taking forever?? look, what i see is that the only thing Nintendo has to do is change the...
  7. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Super Mario Galaxy DS??

    if this is fake....... its the absolute best fake video ive ever seen......
  8. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Wii at my school :)

    yay!!! LOL my P.E. teacher is a proud owner of a Wii, and since today it was raining, she was like "Hugo, if you can bring in two Wiimotes, Nunchucks and Mario Strikers Charged, then ill bring my Wii and we can play in the gym." i was like hell yea!!! LOL we got to play Mario and Sonic at the...
  9. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Black Friday Summary :)

    okay guys, this place is for the ppl that DO shop on black friday. i know that the Wii is probably the most wanted console, and im sure a lot of ppl that didnt have a Wii bought theirs today. so, did anyone from here buy their Wii today?? if not, what did you buy today for the holidays??
  10. ZeLdA4LiFe

    A lot Final Smashes in action *includes Ike's & Zero-Suit* SPOILER

    well for those of you who like the element of surprise.... dont watch this video, but for those who dont, this video shows some FS that we know, but two that you probably dont........
  11. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Are we ready for 2012??

    this topic is not for ppl that scare easily. none the less, its very wise if you know whats going on.....or whats gonna happen. Now, ive been watching these videos on youtube that show us, or atleast warn us whats gonna happen supposively is 2012. pole shifts....... Nibiru, a planet that is said...
  12. ZeLdA4LiFe

    what console would you get??

    plain and simple...........what console would you get if each console cost the same price?? .........$250 .......$250 ........$250
  13. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Bill Cosby in Brawl!!!!!!!!

    lmao im so sorry guys, but i jus had to post this. its so funny i swear i was crackin up when i saw the pics..........
  14. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Anyone remember Mischief Makers?? :)

    well, i was jus lookin back and remembering all the good times i had with my N64 when i suddenly remember this green haired girl by the name of Maria.... oh how i miss the old days. LOL this game was so cool. collecting those gold diamond figures was my main objective all the time. i of...
  15. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Anyone else beaten Metroid Prime 3??

    I did. not a bad ending. i was kinda hoping for a lil bit more, but oh well. this game was an absolute pain in the ass. LOL those energy cells were a ***** when tryin to find them. :lol: :lol: but i loved it. i absolutely do. even though its my first metroid game, ive already completely fallen...
  16. ZeLdA4LiFe

    dude, you can burn wii games to other cds.........**video**

    the video explains it all.
  17. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Mario Strikers Charged Pixels/Static Of Doom??????

    supposively theres like some Wiis that were released on launch day that have problems and if you see these kinds of images in MSC when your in megastrike, then you need to go get your Wii repaired. i guess theres some weird pixels. dont know if its true though. but i think it is since a...
  18. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Wii Laptop???

    some interesting video i found on youtube. think its real??
  19. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Ssbb Character Roster Pic!!!???? *pic*

    hey you guys, i was jus surfing through digg when i saw this headline saying "leaked roster pic" do you guys thinks this is real??
  20. ZeLdA4LiFe

    Ahhh!!! Omg Omg Yay!!!! :)

    lol, okay, i know this is probably a worthless thread but im sorry. i so freakin happy right now i feel like telling you guys the exciting news!!!!! okay, okay, calm down Hugo :) okay, i went to gamestop today to go and reserve not one, not two, not three or four, but FIVE games...