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  1. sremick

    [NEWS] Wii Video Games Blamed For Rise In Effeminate Violence

    Wii Video Games Blamed For Rise In Effeminate Violence ;) (I would've posted in the "News" forum but apparently only certain holy people are allowed to do so).
  2. sremick

    New Duck Hunt video

    So a new gameplay video has surfaced of the "new" Duck Hunt for the Wii. Supposedly it was leaked by the son of someone who works at Hudson Soft. The game looks very similar to the Wii Shooting concept...
  3. sremick

    What is it about Resident Evil that damages Wiis?

    So after months of using my Wii with no problems, I popped in one of the several games I got for xmas: Resident Evil 4. And what happens? Suddenly I'm plagued with the "green dots" issue, and now it's present in other games too (I'm seeing it in Cars too, and I wasn't before). So I do a search...
  4. sremick

    3rd power AC power adapters?

    I was thinking about picking up a spare "travel" AC power adapter so that I can just unplug my Wii and run without having to disconnect any of my cables (I already have a spare A/V cable, and I'd also get another sensor bar). I see lots of 3rd-party brands on eBay and such. I am wondering...
  5. sremick

    Mario Party 8 "game code"?

    Ok so when I bought my Wii I picked up Mario Party 8 since that's the only game I had played and so I wanted that to start. When I opened it up, I tossed out the piece of paper with the "game code", oblivious to what it was and thinking I had no need for some silly registration... :frown2...
  6. sremick

    Any issues buying a used Wii?

    In the event that I buy someone's used Wii, are there any issues I need to be aware of? Not so much the obvious "make sure it's working" but like, personal info or any way it might be tied to the former owner. Is there a way to clear/reset it back to factory defaults? (Sorry if this is asked...
  7. sremick

    Wii-less in Vermont

    Hey everyone, just signed on here, seems like the most-popular Wii forum. I actually don't own one yet... trying like hel... er, heck to find one though. I'm not willing to pay the eBay mafia or crapbundle prices though. Problem is, I live in what is relatively the sticks probably compared to...