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    Hey my people remember me? :)

    Hey everybody it's me Sho The Birdmaster :p No i'm not back i'm just posting this to say hi to all my old friends. Mainly most of the people who disappeared as well :lol: If you think your one of them then post here and we could talk about the good old days XD
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    Bring your end of the world predictions here!

    My other thread on the world ending on march 9th!!! gave me this idea :lol: Well the title says it all. So when do you think the world will end? If you guess right you'll get a cookie :D Bodine 7/19/09 Rob64 12/21/2012 Elopez994 12/21/2012 Chewy 12/22/2012 The Storm 06/06/2016
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    Who on wiichat likes BACON!?

    :lol: Stupidest thread ever but you gotta take advantage of the white noise :lol: So fellow wiichaters who here likes BACON!? Wiichat's Bacon Lovers Birdmasterlv100 Gikoku Harakami Jay61 Surfinrach90 Elopez994 Real-O Brownies14 Rob64 Pit-Alex SsbfreakCK Foxy factoR Marth101...
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    Brawl Training League

    O boy why didn't i save all the data X_X Ok mostly everyone remembers this place (last year users anyway) but for now i'll just write this :lol: i'll write a description later tonight this is just to start the thread back up. This thread is for people who think they suck & would like to...
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    The End of The World Is On March 9th!!!!!!!!

    Wouldn't that suck no ssbb for the U.S/Canada,UK & Australia im not even going to mention Africa o wait i just did.
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    Who is your best friend?????

    All you have to do write down your best friends first name.My best friend's name is Orlando.
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    wii virus

    :smilewinkgrin: something weird happened my wii actually told me i have a virus*me crying because i cant do anything about it*so my question is what if i reformat my wii but save everything to my sd scared because it says that i could never recover my data*meaning saved game...