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    goodnight to the other 4 ppl online

    edit: other 3 ppl... nite nite! :)
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    ukulele hero out-sold guitar hero... overnight! ukulele hero
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    i0n stopped by my house tonight
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    gidget got a j.o.b.

    internship, whatever. i'm in my 2nd year of college. i'm 17 in two days! i do accounting for anheuser bush. chilled, cheap beer from the employee store. they don't card. i drink wine, but i'll try beer. lol. tonight, shipjack amber.
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    mother's day

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    petition for wii rainbows and unicorns game!

    :nonod: we will never see the beautiful day of a rainbows and unicorns game release unless we petit it! post here to sign in favor! :yesnod:
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    oh my, i don't block the ads on wiichat! how aweful!

    . there are 3 things i circled... it's a very small pic on my little netbook screen :yesnod: . .
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    yay! wiichat is up n running!

    the go daddy parked page was different than the other outages... i thought it could be grim. ^_^
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    do you fuss with a bag?

    when we mow the lawn we bag the clippings and dump it in a thick layer in the woods to keep the weeds down (which does look nice). we use a push mower, riding mower and a weed eater. seems like we have to dump the bags every 4th row. i'll prolly have to help mow this year since one of my...
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    conficker virus check-in station it's already live in most of the world... have you scanned? what's your results? i'm virus free, of course :p
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    the official confession booth... deep dark secrets

    confess your deep dark secrets here... it's ok... we don't know you. :yesnod:
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    WiiChat airs first TV commercial with theme song!
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    bad pixels / green pixels ...will heatsink or fan help?

    i know random pixels / green pixels = overheated or damaged GPU. after the wii rests overnight i can use it for a short period. it pretty bad and makes the wii unusable once the GPU gets warm. My wii is 14 months old. (out of warranty?) is there a way to alleviate this? add a heat sink to...
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    any non-americans going to watch Super Bowl XLIII? :p

    this is not the place to debate football/soccer naming schemes.. lol any non-americans going to watch Super Bowl XLIII? :p
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    WiiChat's Mario Kart Wii Competition! Feb 9th-13th!

    . Forum-wide Competition: February 9-13, 2009. Signup cut-off is Feb 8th 5:00pm GMT . you has kart ? Cups: TBD Specific Times: Determined on number of Contestants. Your Feedback is welcome. Play against your region. The winner of each region goes head-to-head as WiiChat's 1st Mario Kart...
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    my power is out, ice storm is now snow storm. it's beautiful

    i love snow! this morning everything was covered in a layer of ice, now the snow flakes are humongous! my power has been out for an hour, i have lots of battery life left, but no idea on the internet UPS. my desk is by my window <3
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    Social Group Index

    listed by genre because the last Social Group Index was overwhelmed by 20 COD & 20 Brawl groups, etc. . Index (44) Animal Crossing (2) Brawl (4) Call of Duty (6) Consoles other than Wii (2) PS3, XBox Countries / Regions (2) Japan, China Music & Bands (4) Nintendo Games & Characters...
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    Wiichat Bug Report and Solutions

    post bugs in this thread as a container for i0n.. also, post workarounds etc.. to be fixed: thread subscription email bug: complete list inconsistent posting bug: source thread gidget: each hyperlink opens a new browser tab (feature configuration) gidget: Social Group pagination does not...