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  1. i0n

    Tournament section feedback

    Please use this thread for all feedback on how to best utilise/improve the tournament system on the forum. Currently tournament and match creation is limited to staff and a few select users who have organised similar events on the forum. Hopefully...
  2. i0n

    New forums/sub-forums

    This thread is for you guys to share your input on what additional forum sections you'd like to see added here. I'm currently working through the Wii sections right now so let me know what Wii forums and non-wii forum sections you'd like to see. I'll add the most popular choices...
  3. i0n

    Wii online gaming

    In an effort to bring some Wii online gaming sections to the forum, i'd be interested to know what are the most popular online Wii games that you'd like to see devoted forums for? I have: CoD FIFA Mario Kart SSBB Guitar Hero There will be a more general section for games that arent...
  4. i0n

    Broken things are broken - welcome to 2008

    Hey guys, Sorry for the downtime this last week.. it's been quite an eventful start to 2009 that's for sure... At the beginning of last week we suffered some serious technical issues, mainly one of the server's hard drives decided to die.. Annoying yes, but it should have been easily...
  5. i0n

    UK Wii Points useable on US console?

    Is it possible to purchase a Wii points card in the UK and use the code on a US console? Basically are the wii point codes region locked? If anyone's tried this themselves or knows a definitive answer that would be great.
  6. i0n

    News Brawl Forums added - feedback

    As you can see on the main forums page we've added a number of Brawl'esque subforums. Would love to hear your feedback, also is there a need for a stages forum or general brawl online sections? Let us know.
  7. i0n

    Your first Nintendo memory?

    I imagine most of you older guys on here, like me will no doubt have grown up owning all or most of the Nintendo consoles over the years. But can you remember your first ever Nintendo experience? I was reading this blog post over at and it got me thinking...
  8. i0n

    Awesome Tony Soprano impression

    Just found this on youtube and had to share it. The guys is absolutely spot on :shocked: Contains a little swearing btw.
  9. i0n

    Did you know?

    That the bushes in Super Mario Bros are infact just clouds painted green :crazy:
  10. i0n

    Spoof Wii injury videos

    Everyone knows there's been a ton of Wii related injuries and problems reported since the Wii hit the shelves. Well these guys are taking steps a little further, :)
  11. i0n

    Heath Ledger found dead - holy hell

  12. i0n

    Your Top 5 Improvements you want to see on WiiChat for 2008

    The general forum suggestions thread here has grown to epic proportions, with some exceelent ideas and suggestions for the forums. Throughout January i'll be looking a lot closer over the thread and implementing some of the most requested/wanted changes to the forums. To kickstart this it...
  13. i0n

    Who else is cold?

    -4 C here :( Who else is feeling the Winter weather? global warming? Pfff :wtf:
  14. i0n discount code (valid for 24 hours only)

    Thought i'd let you guys know about this discount code for that gives you 10% off all orders over £50. It's only valid for today though (Monday), so if you're planning on sending some DVD's/Games out for Xmas you could make a nice saving with it. Enter JSDKBRCZTK at the checkout...
  15. i0n

    Best IM Client for multiple people?

    Anyone recommend an instant messaging program that is great for multiple people to chat to each other at the same time?
  16. i0n

    House of the Dead coming to Wii?

    Seems Resident Evil 4's success has opened the flood gates for more zombie shooting action.
  17. i0n

    Anyone else wondering what Star Bites taste like?

    I'd like to think they're nice and chewy full of flavour. Kinda like these: What do you think?
  18. i0n

    Mario Galaxy scores an 11/10 ?

    Crazy review scored SMG 11/10 :crazy:
  19. i0n

    UK: Online Preorders, who's got what?

    Thought i'd start this to see what online stores you guys have pre-ordered through, and more importantly so you can show if/when they ship it to you early :p I've got one done through who in the past have been on the ball with their shipping and 9/10 have got it to me a day before...
  20. i0n

    WiiFit to get its own channel?

    From this screenshot from the Nintendo Japan website it looks like Wii fit gets it's own Wii channel - anyone know what it'll be used for?