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    Wow! OH MY GOD. It's Stephanie! WTF? WWL2P?!

    Oh wow.. guys. Lol, I lost my password and stuff. I don't even know if you guys remember me, or whatever.. Uhm. I left, like.. a billion years ago. I miss you guys so very much. Uhm. But yeah, I lost my password and I couldn't get it back, because I used my old email address.. and I lost my...
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    2 men died in fiery crash of SUV, cycle

    ): Yeah, huge.. :/ People these days? Why so many car crashes?
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    CounterStrike 1.6/Source?

    COUNTERSTRIKE! CounterStrike Source? CounterStrike 1.6? The last thread I searched, was made on 5-17-07, and I couldn't bump it. :/ So, yeah. Any CounterStrike players? (: Just wondering. xD What's your Steam ID? Maybe all of you guys who have CS, we could ALL play in the same server! That'd be...
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    Nasty Wii Accident!

    Lol, "you'll get used to it after the first couple time". Ouchies! "Oops".. Where's that Wii Strap? I like the shattering sound. :P
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    Wii Points Card Gift Exchange

    Wow, interesting. I never knew you could do this. I got an email today from Nintendo.. and they were like "Introducing the new Wii Gifting feature in the Wii Shop Channel. Starting in December, you can use your Wii Points to send one of your favorite classic Virtual Console games to your Wii...
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    Boy Saves Sister from Moose Attack with Skills Learned in Warcraft Video Game
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    Can't find a Wii?! Well...

    I saw on Yahoo!'s site thingy.. and well, here are some resources on how to find a Wii. :P For all of you Wii Seekers (:
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    Funny Stupid (CounterStrike) YouTube Video

    For all you CounterStrikers.. some of you guys know this "rap" song. Lol. Hax0rz I can't stop listening to it. (: Lyrics? Counter Strike Hacking is, very bad Yo, i got a fake STEAM ID though C Strike C Strike Look, here comes a hacker with an aim-bot on errbody trying to find the rcon...
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    The Guitar Zero (:

    Yeah, this was a year ago. So, I'm not sure if you guys already have seen this. My mistake. I don't know what you guys have watched, and have not watched. Lol. But, I thought ..for some of you guys who have not watched this video, post what you think about it xD I think that's pretty awesome!
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    Can't choose >_<

    Yeah, guys. I need help. Lol, I have some money that I want to spend things on. I've been saving up for no reason. Haha, so anyway. I was playing on buying an iPod Touch, a Sony T200 digital camera, or something! Ahh, maybe an xbox 360! Blah. I don't know. Lol. I've asked many people for some...
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    Journey from the Fall

    Ahh! I just got done watching this movie! It's very sad.. Here's what it's about.. Well, anyway.. My dad escaped by boat. It was pretty scary. I started asking him questions about how he escaped and stuff. He said that 183 people were on the tiny boat. He landed on an island in Malaysia...
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    Remember? Old Threads/Posts.

    Wow, seeing these old threads/posts were bringing back some memories. Lol. Some will remember these posts, especially people that were here from ..Aug - Dec.. Ever wondered where i0n got all those cool avatars on WiiChat? (05-18-2006)
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    Stored Private Messages

    Lol, I think we should have more room for our Private Message system. Lol, I know that mods get to have a 200 Private Messages stored. xP Why can't we have 100 instead of 75? That'd be awesome, because I've been saving all my private messages.. and stuff. Hmm, whenever i0n is back, maybe we...
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    The Music Guessing Game

    WELCOME(: Hey guys! Welcome to the Music Guessing Game. In this game, the person who guesses the song correct, gets to chose the next of course. Rules 1. The song must be popular. 2. When you're posting a song lyrics, please add what genre it is, AND the artist who sang it. 3. No cheating...
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    SAW IV! Can't wait!

    Opening Friday, October 26 Rated - R Who wants to see Saw IV?! Lol! I can't wait. I've watched all of them. I'm sure Prez can't wait either. Haha. :D
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    Car Crash (Sisters and her bfs car)

    Well, on my birthday sister in Orlando (because of college), got in a car accident. I don't know how it happened.. But everyone is okay. I've told some of you guys the story.. But yeah, I have the pictures now. My sister sent them to me. Anyway, this is their second time getting into a car...
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    Last thing someone said to you..

    What was the last thing someone said to you on WiiChat, and who? "ello little one" - wario2ooo xD
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    The last time you...

    Easy game. Answer the question above you and then ask a question yourself. The question must contain "when was the last time you...." Okie dokies? When was the last time you ate a cheeseburger?
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    First Letter/Last Letter Name Game

    You can only use names! (= I'll go.. Lol. Jennifer!
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    The 'Post your likes here' Game!

    Post what you like/love! It could be anything!! Ritz Bits Sandwiches xD